Student Employment

Welcome to the Student Employment Office at Wellesley College!

Student Employment is an opportunity to connect with the Wellesley College community, contribute to the campus experience, and to provide a pathway to career readiness. Our office is here to help you in a variety of ways and is excited to utilize Workday as the digital platform for student employment opportunities.

Types of Positions

There are several types of student employment positions available at Wellesley College. All positions are posted on Workday. Students must enter their hours in Workday in a timely manner for all positions. All positions are paid via hourly wage.


Academic Year (Fall - Spring)

Most positions will run throughout a semester or the full Academic Year (September - May). Supervisors go through the Compensation Review process at the end of each Academic Year to determine the students they would like to rehire. Students who are rehired through the Compensation Review process do not need to apply for the position again. Students can work up to a total of 15 hours per week during the academic year across all jobs. 


Some departments will offer students employment over Wintersession. Students can find these positions on Workday in the late Fall semester. Students can work up to 40 hours per week during Wintersession. All other student employment eligibility restrictions apply including residency requirements of living in Massachusetts. Students will need to apply for and be hired for any new position(s) they will be working over Wintersession. If a student continues in their current position, they do not need to go through an additional hire process. Wintersession employment is not guaranteed for any student who is employed through the Academic Year.


Students are welcome to work on-campus over the Summer semester. Positions will be posted in the late Spring semester and students must apply and be hired similar to the Academic Year. Students can work up to 40 hours per week during the Summer. All other student employment eligibility restrictions apply including residency requirements. For the Summer semester, students are able to work remotely from any of the approved states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Positions held during the Academic Year are not guaranteed for the Summer semester.

We recommend supervisors begin Summer wages at a minimum of $16.50 in order to account for additional taxes collected throughout the semester. 


Event Based Positions

There are several events throughout the year that could not run without student employees! This type of employment allows students to be employed for a short period of time. Positions will be posted before the event occurs. Students are required to input their time worked during the event in Workday. If the event crosses pay periods (i.e. Saturday - Sunday), they may need to input their time in two separate pay periods on Workday. In addition, if students have not held an on-campus position before, they will need to be onboarded before working.

Civic Engagement (Off-Campus)

A student may be employed off-campus under the Federal Work-Study Program (not Wellesley Works) by a federal, state, or local public agency, or by a private nonprofit organization. The work must be performed "in the public interest" — that is, for the national or community welfare, rather than for a particular interest or group. 

When the College enters into a written agreement, or contract, with any off-campus agency that employs Work-Study students, it must make sure the organization is a reliable agency with professional direction and staff, and that the work to be performed is adequately supervised and consistent with the purpose of the Federal Work-Study Program. The Civic Engagement office at Wellesley has community partnerships where students can serve off-campus each year (students are not permitted to earn Federal Work-Study funds at sites unapproved by the College). Only students with Federal Work-Study eligibility are able to receive hourly earnings for off-campus service.

Off-campus service opportunities are not available during the Summer or Wintersession. Questions related to work-study type (Federal vs. Wellesley Works) or award amount should be directed to Student Financial Services. For more information regarding off-campus employment for students with Federal Work-Study, see the Civic Engagement website.