The Academic Program

Wellesley’s rigorous and dynamic academic program allows each student to pursue a course of study that’s right for her.

Wellesley requires each student to acquire a broad knowledge of the basic fields of human inquiry, while also enabling her to follow her own particular interests in depth. Our core curriculum is strategically designed to deliver on Wellesley’s rigorous academic and educational goals.

In addition to the core curriculum, Wellesley offers an impressive variety of educational opportunities. A high percentage of our students participate in one or more of these choices, making them an important part of the overall Wellesley academic experience. These include:

  • International study—approximately half of our students study abroad at some point during their time at Wellesley.
  • Research opportunities—our students work closely with professors on meaningful, challenging projects.
  • Interdisciplinary majors—students can select a number of majors that combine academic disciplines, or choose interdepartmental majors.
  • Internships—Wellesley supports a diverse variety of summer internships and community service projects around the world; many are eligible for financial support.
  • Programs with other colleges—students can enroll in cross-registration programs with Babson College, Brandeis University, MIT, and Olin College of Engineering, among other exchange programs with other colleges in the United States. Students can also apply to selective programs to earn a double degree with MIT or a combined five-year BA/MA in international economics and finance (BA/MAief) with Brandeis University.

A degree from Wellesley College demonstrates that a student has constructed a broad intellectual foundation, as well as pursued a passionate interest to admirable accomplishment. Perhaps that is why a Wellesley education is highly prized among graduate schools and employers alike.