Administrative Staff Compensation

Administrative Staff Total Compensation Philosophy

Wellesley College is committed to providing a total compensation package that enables the College to attract and retain highly skilled and talented employees for all positions. A competitive total compensation package includes an effective salary administration program and a comprehensive benefits plan which focuses on:

External Competitiveness: Wellesley College annually participates in appropriate surveys to determine competitive compensation levels. The compensation surveys in which we participate include the following subgroups:

  • Local Colleges and Universities 
  • Non-profit organizations 
  • Greater Boston for-profit organizations
  • Functional-area specific roles 

The survey data utilized may vary depending on where and with whom we compete for qualified employees for certain roles. In most cases, the College strives to pay at the median for administrative roles. 

Internal Comparability: Human Resources compares benchmark positions with comparable positions throughout the College to ensure that all administrative staff roles are paid equitably. 

Recognition: The responsibilities, skills, and competencies described in an employee’s role document together with the employee’s prior experience, skills and abilities determine the pay opportunity while individual performance determines actual pay.

Benefits: A comprehensive benefits offering that provides individual choice in managing health and welfare benefits and meets the diverse needs of the employee population.