Departments, Majors & Programs

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Wellesley College offers subjects familiar as the core of a liberal arts education—but that is just the start of it.

New fields and an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches are a hallmark of Wellesley's academic offerings. For additional information, please contact the appropriate department chair or program director.


Academic Departments

Africana Studies Department
American Studies Department
Anthropology Department 
Art Department
Astronomy Department 
Athletics, see Physical Education
Biological Sciences Department
Chemistry Department
Classical Civilization, see Classical Studies Department
Classical Studies Department
Cognitive & Linguistic Science
Computer Science Department
East Asian Languages and Cultures Department
Economics Department
Education Department
English & Creative Writing Department
Environmental Studies Department
French and Francophone Studies Department
Geosciences Department
German Studies Department
History Department
Italian Studies Department
Language Studies/Linguistics, see Cognitive & Linguistic Science
Mathematics Department
Music Department
Neuroscience Department
Philosophy Department
Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics Department
Physics Department
Political Science Department
Psychology Department
Religion Department
Russian Department
Sociology Department
Spanish & Portuguese Department
Women’s and Gender Studies Department

Interdepartmental Majors and Minors

Asian American Studies Minor
Architecture Interdepartmental Major
Astrophysics Interdepartmental Major
Biochemistry Interdepartmental Major
Chemical Physics Interdepartmental Major
Cinema and Media Studies Interdepartmental Major
Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences Interdepartmental Major
Comparative Literary Studies Interdepartmental Major
Comparative Race and Ethnicity Minor
East Asian Studies Interdepartmental Major
French Cultural Studies Interdepartmental Major
International Relations, see Economics, History, or Political Science tracks
Jewish Studies Interdepartmental Major & Minor
Latin American Studies Interdepartmental Major 
Media Arts and Sciences Interdepartmental Major
Medieval/Renaissance Studies Interdepartmental Major 
Middle Eastern Studies Interdepartmental Major & Minor
Peace and Justice Studies Interdepartmental Major & Minor
Russian Area Studies Interdepartmental Major
South Asia Studies Interdepartmental Major & Minor
Theatre Studies Interdepartmental Major

Languages not listed above

Arabic, see Middle Eastern Studies Interdepartmental Major and Minor
Chinese, See East Asian Languages and Cultures Department
Greek, see Classical Studies Department
Hebrew. see Jewish Studies Interdepartmental Major and Minor
Hindi/Urdu, see South Asia Studies Interdepartmental Major and Minor
Japanese, see East Asian Languages and Cultures Department
Korean, see East Asian Languages and Cultures Department
Latin, see Classical Studies Department
Portuguese, see Global Portuguese Studies within the Spanish & Portuguese Department
Swahili, see Africana Studies Department


Quantitative Reasoning Program
Writing Program

Individual Majors

Data Science - Individual Structured major

Occasionally an individually designed major is appropriate, with approval from advisors and deans.