Teacher meeting with student

More than any other factor, the scholarship and dedication of the faculty at Wellesley determines the quality of a student’s academic experience.

Wellesley students frequently cite the excellence of the faculty as a core component of our transformational learning environment.

There are many reasons for exceptional performance of our faculty. We recruit and retain professors who are both proven scholars and outstanding teachers. Nearly all have a distinguished record of publication, grants and awards, and important research. Wellesley fosters an academic culture that emphasizes teaching as our primary mission. That teaching is amply supported by advising and support.


All classes are taught by professors, not assistants. Professors teach only four courses per year (two per semester), enabling them to devote more time to each student.

There's an 7:1 student to faculty ratio, and the average class is 17 to 20 students. Professors expect and promote a dynamic classroom, where a lively exchange of ideas informs both teacher and student. Faculty also encourages and actively supports student participation in research projects.


Professors pride themselves on accessibility and involvement in the lives of their students.

Faculty members also serve as student advisors and mentors. Beginning with Orientation, first-year students discuss their academic interests and experiences with a faculty advisor, who can help guide her through the process of planning her education. Many students continue with their first-year advisor through their junior years, when they may switch to an advisor in their chosen major.

The student-faculty experience is close, dynamic, and mutually beneficial. It is one of the hallmarks of a Wellesley education.