Cost & Financial Aid

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Money shouldn’t be an obstacle to a world-class education. We meet one hundred percent of calculated need for all admitted students. We're also need blind for U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residentsthat means we don’t consider your financial situation when we consider your application. We admit terrific people, and then we make sure Wellesley is possible for them. For much more information about financial aid, visit the friendly people 🤓 at Student Financial Services. For now, please admire these facts:

We meet 100 percent of calculated need 🎉 for admitted students.

You’ll pay only what you can afford—nothing more.

Nearly 60 percent 📈 of our current students receive financial aid.
The average annual financial aid offer 💰 (for those receiving financial aid).

This is money that you do *not* have to repay.

The average 📊 student debt for all four years at Wellesley.

Which is significantly less than the national average.

Our financial aid budget.

We maintain a financial aid budget of 83 million dollars. That is money dedicated exclusively to supporting students who have calculated financial need.

Financial planning tools!

The truth about money

We asked five Wellesley students to talk about financial aid. Spoiler: Wellesley is possible. We will meet 100 percent of your calculated financial need.