How to get to Boston—and Beyond!—from Wellesley

Wellesley students are an adventurous bunch. So when the mood strikes, we set out in search of fun, food and one of the world’s most intriguing cities. It’s all just a bus ride away.

The town of Wellesley (AKA “the Vil”) is just a short walk from campus. There’s a pharmacy, bookstore, and coffee shops to cover the basic necessities.

Four Ways to Get to Boston

Students board the Local Motion bus

Wellesley Shuttles

On weekdays, the MIT Exchange Bus travels into Boston and Cambridge. It’s free to ride with your student ID and stops at the Chapel and the Lulu. 

On Friday nights after 6 PM and during the weekend, you take the Senate Bus. It costs $3.00 a ride and you can buy tokens at the Lulu (near the ATM) and in Stone-Davis (by the laundry machines). 

There’s also the Wellesley-Olin-Babson shuttle, which travels between the three schools, and the Natick Movie/Mall shuttle, which takes you to Natick and Framingham, MA. 

Bus Schedules

train pulling into Wellesley Square station

Commuter Rail

The Wellesley Square stop of the Commuter Rail is located just past the first block of the Vil. You can buy tickets on the train with cash or use the MBTA mticket app.

The Framingham/Worcester line will take you from Wellesley Square to Back Bay or South Station ($8.00). From there, you can catch the subway to travel around Boston and Cambridge.

Commuter Rail Schedule

mTicket App

Woodland T stop


You can also catch the “T” (subway) into Boston. The Woodland T stop is located a few miles from campus with available parking. The stop is part of the Green Line (D branch).

You can buy a ticket at the T stop for $2.40. If you plan to use the T frequently, consider picking up a CharlieCard.

Woodland T stop info

MBTA Trip Planner

Wellesley Zipcars


If you need access to a car every now and then, renting a Zipcar is a great option. There are seven Zipcars located on the Wellesley campus and you can rent them by the hour or day (with gas and insurance included).

Wellesley students can get a special discount on Zipcar membership. You need to be 18 years old to sign up and members who are 21+ have access to Zipcars located off-campus and around the Boston area.

You can even feel a bit of Wellesley pride every time you drive around in Zipcar—the co-founder, Robin Chase ’80, is a Wellesley alum.

Wellesley Zipcar