Computer Science

Welcome to Wellesley's Computer Science Department!

The Computer Science department is made up of faculty with a range of research interests and a dedication to teaching undergraduate students.

Our goal is to prepare students to engage with and lead in a world shaped by computation and data. Our curriculum covers the "big ideas" of computer science, and includes a wide range of topics such as software design, computer architecture, theory of computation, algorithms, programming languages, machine learning, artificial intelligence, distributed computing, human-computer interaction, social computing, and playable media. We aim to provide students with theoretical, technical, and ethical foundations so that they can design and build applications and tools, which make a positive impact for individuals, communities, and society.

Our department was established in 1982 and will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year! Take a look at the Brief History of CS at Wellesley to learn more about how the department has grown and changed over time.

Values Statement

Our department aspires to be a leader in broadening participation in computing. We value diversity, equity and inclusion in our department and more broadly in the field of computing. We understand that to live up to that value, we need to continuously and actively engage in inclusive practices that build a community where all feel welcome and empowered to learn and thrive. Believing that equitable access to education is morally imperative, we recognize that we all need to be aware of our conscious and unconscious biases, as well as systemic biases within our institutions, and we must do our best to counteract and erode those biases.

The following values guide our interactions within our community as well as with the broader society and the specific technical communities that we are each members of:

  • Equitable opportunity. Every person should have equitable access to educational opportunities, and specifically to the opportunities that our department affords.
  • Respect for all. Every person deserves respect. We aim to build an open community where all members feel that they belong and are valued.
  • Free inquiry and expression. We welcome members of our community to freely pursue their own interests and express their perspectives in ways that support equity and respect for all.

We acknowledge that applying these values is not always straightforward, and we must be ready to educate and support each other as we aspire to live up to the principles we agree on. We intend this statement to be a catalyst for self-reflection and change and an acknowledgment that we will always have work to do in making our community a more inclusive space.

Read the complete CS community values statement that was approved by the department in May 2019.

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