Theatre Studies

Two actors embracing in shadow

Letter from the Chair:

An army of storytellers. 

That's what I would love to cultivate here at Wellesley College. Teams of trained, focused, informed players and makers - bubbling with the joyful possibility of "yes, and!"  

We aim to help our students gain a deep awareness of the technical components, practical application and historical and social contexts of theatrical performance craft -- while simultaneously marveling at the wonders of human behavior which drama seeks to explore.

We strongly encourage in the inventive lives of our students a confident autonomy as creators who can envision a product, articulate their goals, and relish navigating the collaborative process towards its accomplishment.

An educational investigation of theatre provides the unique incentive to understand, engage in and challenge the many iterations of this ancient and global ritual. It puts people in a room together and forces them to address challenges and take risks in real time. It foments a productive confrontation between a student’s need to surrender to the unknown and to simultaneously embrace self-discipline – sitting the study of theatre at the crossroads of their journey here at Wellesley, and beyond. 

Come play with us! 

Marta Rainer 

Director of Theatre and Theatre Studies, Wellesley College

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Seven students sitting and laughing.
Motherhood Out Loud, Wellesley College Theatre
Actors singing in spotlight in front of a green and black background.
A Civil War Christmas: an American Musical Celebration, Wellesley College Theatre
Five students posing on a wooden set piece.
Cast of Stupid F*cking Bird, Wellesley College Theatre
Actors in World War 1 period costume hovering over a radio
Home Front: Women's Voices from The Great War, Wellesley College Theatre
Students in costume laughing.
The House of Blue Leaves (student acting interns, Wellesley Rep)
Two students acting over Zoom.
"Custody", Virtual Fall Showcase, Wellesley College Theatre
Two actors in black and white costume performing on stage.
Rhinoceros, Wellesley College Theatre
Four students acting over Zoom.
The Joy Library, THST 355: Devising Theatre Performance
Two actors at a desk and chair performing on stage.
She Kills Monsters, Wellesley College Theatre
An actor wearing a rhino headpiece.
Rhinoceros, Wellesley College Theatre
Two actors performing over Zoom with a digital background.
"In Plain Sight", Virtual Fall Showcase, Wellesley College Theatre
An actor in spotlight.
Rhinoceros, Wellesley College Theatre
A digital collage of actors performing over Zoom.
Small Mouth Sounds - Wellesley College Theatre
An actor spinning in a circle skirt while on stage.
Stupid F*cking Bird, Wellesley College Theatre
Four actors in costume.
She Kills Monsters, Wellesley College Theatre
A collage of six actors performing over Zoom.
Small Mouth Sounds, Wellesley College Theatre