The Sciences

Explore. Experiment. Discover.

At Wellesley, we are committed to engaging every student in the thrill of scientific discovery. Wellesley faculty members focus on developing curricular and pedagogical approaches to teaching science that spark every student’s interest. Science majors and non-majors alike share in scientific inquiry and discover the rich potential of cross-disciplinary connections in addressing real-world problems. We believe a fundamental understanding of scientific methodologies informs a well-rounded liberal arts education—as well as how our students look at the world.

We are also committed to the education of future scientists through a diversity of majors and broad access to research opportunities. Wellesley alumnae number among the world's top scientists: they are research pioneers, innovative educators, engineers, and leaders in patient care as well as public health and science policy. In fact, they are found in every scientific field, and include among them a ground-breaking string theorist, a NASA astronaut, and the psychobiologist who discovered pheromones in humans.