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Welcome to the Department of Education

Our courses and programs offer an understanding of the interplay between education, culture, communities and policy. We invite you to try a course and to consider our newly approved education studies major or one of our two minors: teaching and learning studies and education studies. Our major and minor programs offer an interdisciplinary perspective on education through an investigation of research, theory and practice.

Why Study Education?

Our students come to study education from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. You may be involved with youth programs and our courses may provide added insight into your experiences as a counselor or volunteer. You might be interested in teaching as a profession and our program can offer methodological and theoretical insight to the aspiring teacher. Education is also an inter- and multidisciplinary field that allows any student trained in a discipline (e.g., psychology, economics, sociology) to apply their disciplinary skills to a practice-oriented field of study. We welcome you to come and talk with us about your interest in education!

Don't Miss Out!!

Building a sense of community is important to us. Whether you are a current student in our courses, an education minor, or just interested in learning more about education, we invite you to be part of our community. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the most current updates on events and gatherings!


It is often easiest to start a conversation about studying education with someone you already know. Any professor in the education department can assist you with the emerging questions you may have, and you might choose to start the conversation with someone whose class you are taking. As your interests develop, it will be helpful to meet with particular advisors who can support you as you pursue the major.

  • For questions about the education studies major, you can contact Soo Hong, Pamela D'Andrea Martínez,  Maureen Morgan, Noah Rubin or Diane Tutin.
  • For questions about the teaching and learning studies minor, contact Noah Rubin or Diane Tutin.
  • For questions about the Wellesley Teacher Scholars Program, contact Soo Hong.

The education department is located on the first floor of Pendleton East. We look forward to talking with you.