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If you are interested in one of our programs for the Spring 2024 semester and would like to register, please fill out the registration form by January 9, 2024

CALL (Collaborative Administrators Learning Leadership) Program - Fall Cohort Closed / No Spring Cohort

This five session program focuses on self-awareness and leadership skills, diversity and inclusion, communications skills and relationship building, and managing personal and organizational change to create transferable skills, knowledge, and expertise.

  • Who would benefit: High potential, high performing individual contributors; non-managers.
  • Program Commitment: 5 Sessions; 2.5 hours every other Tuesday (with the exception of the 5th session which is scheduled on a Monday)
  • Program Start: October 10, 2023
  • Registration Dates: September 15 through September 29

MEET (Manager Education and Engagement Training) - Fall Cohort Closed / Registration Open for Spring Cohort

Employee engagement levels are largely influenced by the employee's manager (through job assignment, trust, recognition, etc). The MEET program focuses on understanding the role of the manager, how to build trust-based employee-manager relationship, and developing the manager leadership style.

  • Who would benefit: All managers at Wellesley.
  • Program Commitment: Four sessions; 2.5 hours every third Thursday 
  • Program Start: Spring Date: January 18, 2024
  • Registration Dates: December 15 - January 9 

MetroWest Leadership Development Program - Fall Cohort Closed / Registration Open for Spring Cohort

This program is for managers who are seeking to continue developing their leadership potential while expanding their network amongst various colleges and universities.   
  • Who would benefit: Managers who are seeking to expand their networks amongst colleges and universities while developing their leadership style.
  • Program Commitment: Eight sessions; 2 hours every other Thursday
  • Program Start Date:  Spring Semester: January 18, 2024 
  • Registration Dates: December 15 - January 9

EXCEL (Executive Coaching for Effective Leadership) - 2023/2024 Session In-Progress

Designed in partnership with Wellesley Human Resources, experienced leaders will hone their leadership skills. The cohort will meet with an expert coach every two weeks for the first two months, and then monthly thereafter to explore priorities in management strategies, models for leadership, and building a high performing team.

  • Who would benefit: Direct reports of Wellesley Senior Leadership
  • Program Commitment: Every two weeks 1.5 hrs (October, November); Monthly 1.5 hour meetings (December to May)
  • Program Start:  October 5, 2023
  • Registration Dates: September 15 through September 29

The Susan Vogt Fellowship Program - 2023/2024 Session In-Progress

The Susan Vogt Fellowship connects, develops, and supports emerging leaders within the schools of the Boston Consortium. The Fellowship seeks to increase awareness of the Consortium’s values and activities at the grassroots level, connect and engage practitioners in meaningful projects, and foster collaboration and camaraderie in the next generation of leaders.

*Several Wellesley College administrators have participated in the Vogt program.  You can see a full listing of past participants on the Boston Consortium webpage.  Please feel free to contact Wellesley College past participants for feedback on the program. 



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