Wellesley students, through cross-registration, may participate in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) at MIT.

UROP enables students to join the research efforts of MIT faculty in a number of departments. Students considering a UROP project can learn about finding a UROP position through the Tips for Finding a UROP section of the UROP website. Specific guidelines and application deadlines for Wellesley students are provided in the Wellesley College student section. Current research opportunities are posted on the UROP opportunities board

Students wishing to enroll in a summer UROP for credit may do so using the cross-registration system by bringing a completed cross-registration form to both the Wellesley and MIT registrar’s offices. Wellesley students cross-registered for a credit UROP during Summer are required to pay the Wellesley Summer Session tuition for a one-unit course. Completion of cross-registration will generate a tuition bill for that course. Financial aid is not available.

For Further Information, Contact:

The Science Center does NOT have any information about UROP at MIT.  Please check with the contacts above.