Science Center Posting Policy

Revised May 2020

Notices of campus- or student-related events may be posted only in designated approved posting areas in the Science Center.  These include tack-boards (bulletin boards) located near building elevators, in the Science Center and in various places throughout L-Wing and the E-Wing.  Use push-pins only to post materials (not tape).  Certain bulletin boards are designated for Science Center department use only, and may not be used for student posting.  Table tents are not permitted.

Materials may NOT be posted:

  • On any non-tackable surface (including concrete columns, bridges, railings, windows, doors, any surface requiring tape, etc.)
  • In elevators, bathrooms, classrooms, laboratories
  • Over any existing posted material
  • On white boards or chalk boards
  • In classrooms or labs
  • Anywhere on the exterior (or from the exterior) of the building

Posted materials must clearly indicate the name of the responsible organization and contact person, the expiration date, as well as required accessibility contact information.

The maximum length of time any posting may be displayed is two-weeks.

Organizations are responsible for removing their postings in a timely manner after the event deadline (not longer than two days following the event).

Any organization violating these guidelines will be barred from future posting in the Science Center.  Violation of these guidelines may result in an honor code council complaint.