Science Center Building Use Policy

All student organization events in the Science Center must be approved in advance. 

Students must schedule events in the Science Center by submitting room and/or vendor table requests through 25Live; these will be reviewed by the Office of Student Involvement (SI) and then forwarded to the Science Center for acknowledgement. (Non-constituted groups should contact the Office of Student Involvement for help.)  Your 25Live request must be confirmed in order for you to use the space: if you have not received an event confirmation notice from the Office of Student Involvement, your event has not been approved. Please submit requests a minimum of ten (10) days prior to your event date whenever possible. Lack of appropriate notice may preclude approval.

Please do not submit events to the Science Center for approval if the planned event conflicts with any of the following guidelines:

  • Weekdays, student requests for space will only be approved during Community Times (Th 12:45-2:10 pm); all events must end by 10:00pm, Sunday through Saturday.
  • Student group events are not allowed in the Penthouse. 
  • Fundraising activities by student organizations are restricted to Data Lounge.
  • Student organizations may not sell food in the Science Center.
  • Food preparation is not allowed in the Science Center:
  • Any preapproved departmental events by the Director of the Science Center must have a faculty supervisor present throughout the event.  Custodial services must be part of your 25-live reservation for clean up.
  • Food is allowed ONLY in limited approved spaces.
  • Clean-up is the responsibility of the individuals attending/managing the event.
  • Student orgs may reserve the following rooms: SCI E111, E211, E311; SCI L035, L039, L043, L045, L047.  Food is permitted at events in these spaces, but orgs must ensure custodial is included on event request so that space is cleaned following event.
  • If furniture is moved, individuals attending/managing must ensure that everything is put back in its original place at the end of the event.
  • Any student org event open to non-members, and any event where group attendance exceeds 20 people, requires a faculty supervisor be present.
  • If an event is scheduled on a weekend or other time when custodial staff are not on duty, your student group is responsible for paying for custodial services. Student Involvement will arrange for all facilities requests, including custodial services, after the Science Center has approved the space request in 25Live.
  • Any spamming about student organization events must follow the Science Center Student Posting Policy (see the Science Center website for details).
  • 25Live requests must contain all pertinent information and each field must be completed or the request will be denied. 
  • Any and all questions concerning events in the Science Center should be directed to the Office of Student Involvement:

The Office of Student Involvement

Doris H. Forde, Scheduling Coordinator X2672

The above guidelines apply to both constituted and non-constituted student organizations.