Student Travel Funding for Conference Presentations


Students traveling to professional conferences to present their research (as first or second authors) may apply for support from the sources listed on this page. 

Travel funds from the Provost's Office are managed by the Science Center.  Please read the application requirements closely and follow instructions. Incomplete applications will not receive funding.  Travel funds from the Friends of Horticulture are managed by the Assistant Director of the Botanical Gardens.  Apply directly to the Friends of Horticulture (details below).

There are three application deadlines each year for student travel funds from the Science Center/Provost's Office: October 1, February 1, and June 1 (or next business day if due date falls on a weekend or holiday).  Students should submit applications in advance of travel, and should submit even if you have not heard back about acceptance to the conference you submitted to.  Applications may always be withdrawn if not accepted, but should always be made in advance of anticipated travel.

Travel support is available only to currently enrolled students presenting research as first or second authors. It is not available for students who are attending conferences after they graduate or on a leave of absenceA copy of the abstract, clearly showing the author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s), must be included with the application.  Second author applicants must include a statement about their contribution to the project in their application and their role in the presentation.

Students should complete a student conference travel funding application (see link below). Once students submit their applications, faculty advisors will receive an email from the Science Center Office asking to confirm that they reviewed their students' applications. Students and their faculty advisors will be notified of funding within 14 business days from the application due date(s). Students should submit a travel report and their travel receipts (see link below) within 30 days of the conclusion of their conference.


Here are the student application forms:

Student Conference Travel Funding Application

Student Travel Report and Receipt Submission


Students who are presenting research completed at an off-campus location are eligible to apply for travel support. A Wellesley College Science faculty member must review the student's application; please contact your advisor or a faculty member with similar research interests to consult about your application.

Office of the Provost and Dean of the College

  • The Provost's Office provides support for student travel to meetings/conferences; these funds are managed through the Science Center, as described in the section above.
  • If you wish to apply for direct support of research (not travel), click here to go to the Provost's page containing the application (maximum award $750/student annually, though due to high demand, most requests are limited to $500/student).

Staley Fund for Cancer-Related Research

  • The Staley Fund provides support for presenting cancer-related research at conferences; these funds are managed through the Science Center.  Eligible students may apply for up to $500 in travel support.

Friends of Horticulture

  • Friends of Horticulture will provide limited travel funds to encourage and support Wellesley undergraduates undertaking plant-related research. Current undergraduates and recent graduates may apply to the Friends of Horticulture for a travel award to attend a professional conference where plant-oriented research is presented, or for travel directly related to the conduct of the research itself. The maximum award will ordinarily be $400. For conference travel, priority will be given to students who are presenting the results of their own work, which was conducted at Wellesley. The application form should be returned to the Friends of Horticulture. Applications may be submitted anytime and will be reviewed by the FOH. Click here for the application form.