Vacating College Residence

Faculty members whose employment at Wellesley College terminates at the end of an academic year must vacate the premises by June 30 of that year. If termination occurs at another time, the premises must be vacated within thirty days.

1. Moving Date

The departing tenant must notify the Housing Office of the date of departure at least 14 days in advance, by filing a Notice of Intent to Vacate Form. The tenant should also make arrangements to have utility meters read and an appointment can be made for inspection of the residence by the College.

2. Utilities

It is the policy of the College to provide a full tank of fuel at each location which uses propane gas tanks or is heated by oil at the beginning of lease agreement and it is required that a tenant leave a full tank of fuel at the residence on termination of the lease. (It is recommended that the level of the fuel tank be checked upon arrival at the College residence.) The tenant must arrange for the final fill-up of propane tanks. It is the responsibility of the vacating tenant to arrange for discontinuance of telephone service and for the final readings of other utilities.

3. Final Check List

a. All appliances should be left as they were upon arrival.
b. Stove burners and ovens should be cleaned well.
c. The refrigerator and freezer compartment need to be completely emptied and wiped clean.
d. All materials should be cleared from closets, cupboards and storage areas.
e. All trash should be removed from the attic, basement storage areas and living areas. All areas of the apartment or house should be left broom clean. (Furniture movers are not responsible for cleaning out trash.)
f. The lavatory and bathroom fixtures should be cleaned as well.
g. All windows and doors should be closed and locked.
h. Keys should be returned to the Housing Office.
i. Forwarding address cards should be filed with the U.S. Post Office.