Care of the Premises

Before apartments or houses are leased to new residents, the Faculty Housing Office prepares them so that they are clean and in good repair.

It is expected that all tenants will exercise reasonable care in maintaining the apartment or house leased to them.


A representative from the Faculty Housing Office may inspect faculty housing units upon turnover. In addition, the College may inspect houses and apartments from time to time during the year for maintenance planning.


It is the policy of the College to have all shrubbery and lawn areas in good condition prior to the arrival of new tenants. Snow removal services are not provided for individual residences. Installation of gardens, fencing, outdoor fireplaces, etc., or the removal of such facilities, or of shrubbery, should be undertaken only with the approval of the Faculty Housing Office.


The following rules must be observed by all tenants in Faculty Housing:

1. No holes are to be put in walls, doors, or ceilings. Small picture hooks should be used for hanging pictures . A piece of masking tape placed over the spot where the small nail will be driven will prevent plaster damage. No pole lamps or pole planters are permitted.
2. No sticky tapes can be used. Please call the Faculty Housing Office for advice on hanging items for which a small hook is not adequate.
3. Wall mounted bookshelves are not permitted.  Free-standing bookshelves can be constructed easily and are recommended.
4. Permission must be obtained from the Faculty Housing Office before the installation of air conditioning units. Removal of the sash or frame of a window should be done only by Facilities service staff or an approved outside contractor.

Any questions concerning the above rules should be directed to Peter Eastment at or Ext. 3433.