Types of Rental Facilities

Several types of College Residences are available for occupancy.

A. Apartment Houses

There are five apartment buildings that serve a variety of residential needs. These include studio apartments with kitchen and bath, as well as three to seven room apartments.

Locations: Fiske House, Hallowell House, Horton House, Ridgeway and Shepard House. For faculty with or without dependents.*

Studio apartments rent in the range of $700-$900 per month, 1-bedroom apartments in the range of $950-$1,100 and 2-bedrooms for $1,200-$1,350.  The cost of heat and hot water is included in the rental rate in all apartments.

Examples of Apartment Houses

B. Duplexes or Triplex

There are two Duplexes and one Triplex that are classified as apartments.

Locations: Duplex: Observatory House, 14 Norfolk Terrace  Triplex: 629 Washington St, Danforth House

Rents in duplexes or the triplex are comparable to rents in the apartments and include heat and hot water.

*Dependents, for the purposes of Wellesley College's faculty housing policy, are defined as children through age 23 and dependent parents, ordinarily living with faculty member.

Examples of Duplexes and Triplex

C. Houses

Locations: East Lodge and West Lodge. These are small individual houses located along the boundaries of the campus. For faculty without dependents.

31 Dover Road, 30, 84 Leighton Road, 8, 9, Lovewell Road, 7 Norfolk, 8, 11, 17, 23, 27, 31, 32, 33, 35 Service Drive, 631, 741 Washington Street, 156 Weston Road, 1-10 Weston Terrace. These are houses containing four to seven rooms located on or near the campus. For faculty with one or more dependents.

29 Dover Road, 7 Homestead Road, 26 Leighton Road, 10 Lovewell Road, 4-6 Service Drive, 641 Washington Street, 18 Weston Road.

These are houses containing eight to eleven rooms, also located on or near the campus.

For faculty with two or more dependents.

(Faculty with one dependent become eligible if there are no applicants with two or more dependents.)

In a case where a house is initially leased to a faculty member not meeting the eligibility requirement of at least one dependent, the lease will be renewable for two more years. Eligibility for renewal after the third year will be reviewed by the Faculty Benefits Committee during the second year of occupancy.

Examples of Houses