Application Procedure

A. Faculty Housing Applications

Faculty Housing  applications are sent each year to current tenants and to new faculty when their employment contract is accepted.  Applications must be completed each year.  Applications may be obtained from the Department of Faculty Housing and Transportation.  

B. Priority List

After completed applications have been returned, each applicant who wishes to enter Faculty Housing or move from one faculty residence to another is assigned a position on a priority list in accordance with a point system developed by the Faculty Benefits Committee.  The details of the system are explained under Eligibility.

C. Assignment of a Residence

1. In accordance with the priority list, each eligible faculty member is notified of the residences available at that time.  The applicant in turn notifies the College of her or his interest, if any, in a particular house or apartment offered. The residence chosen is assigned to that faculty member.
2. Once assigned a residence, the faculty member is asked to sign a lease and to return one copy to the Faculty Housing Office.  
3. The terms of occupancy set forth in the Lease are important and binding, and should be read in their entirety.