Furnishings, Services and Utilities

All apartments and houses are supplied with stove, refrigerator, window blinds and fireplace screens where needed.

A. Apartments

There are coin-operated washers and dryers in the basements of Fiske House, Ridgeway Apartments, and Horton, Hallowell and Shepard Apartments.

B. Houses

Houses are equipped with washer and dryer connections, facilities that provide oil or gas central heating, and hot water supply. Further details are given in Section VII-A.

Service and Utilities

A. Heat and hot and cold water

Heat and hot and cold water are furnished in all apartments.

Tenants in certain houses and apartments must apply to the utility companies for electric, gas and telephone service. It generally takes several days from the time of application before service is obtained. Utility companies may require a deposit prior to serving the premises.

Tenants in residences served by College utilities, including Service Drive houses, Observatory House, Fiske apartments, and West Lodge, have an amount deducted from salary for estimated electric charges. An adjustment based on actual consumption is made annually or upon vacating the premises.

Electric service supplied by the Town of Wellesley may be arranged by telephone: (781) 235-7600.
Address: Electric Division of the Board of Public Works, 455 Worcester St., Wellesley, MA 02481.

Fiske House, Weston Terrace, Service Drive and West Lodge are on the College's water system.  An Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is issued annually by the Facilities Department.  The College's water system does not contain fluoride.  Families with children should consult their dentist for a supplement recommendation.

Wellesley College has an arrangement with the Town whereby the electric service is not turned off and reconnected when tenants vacate and enter Faculty Housing. The College is billed for any electric usage during interim periods, and the tenant is saved the substantial connect and disconnect fees ordinarily levied by the Electric Division of the Town. It is the responsibility of the tenant to have the service put in the tenant's name as of the effective date of the lease and to arrange for the final meter reading at the expiration of the lease.

Gas service may be obtained by calling the Keyspan Gas Company: Telephone: (617) 469-2300
Address: 201 Rivemmore Street, West Roxbury, MA 02132

Propane gas for hot water heaters and gas stoves in Service Drive houses is supplied by

Telephone service is supplied by Verizon: Telephone: (800) 870-9999 or https://www.verizon.com/home/phone/ or Comcast:  (800) 934-6489 or https://www.xfinity.com/support/contact-us/

Tenants are responsible for making arrangements for all utilities prior to their arrival.

B. Services

1. Emergency Service

Fire and Police: Call Campus Police, ext. 2121 or 283-2121, for all emergencies requiring Fire Department or Police response. Campus Police Headquarters has direct lines to Wellesley Fire and Police Stations.

Maintenance: For other emergencies call the Housing Office at ext. 2396 or ext. 3433, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Emergencies which occur at other times and which cannot wait until regular working hours should be reported to Campus Police. The dispatcher on duty has a listing of maintenance personnel for emergency calls.

2. Repairs and Service Request Form

The Maintenance Services Division of the Physical Plant Department is responsible for performing normal repairs to College properties. The tenant is responsible for reimbursing the College for the expense of repairs and replacements to College property resulting from damage or loss caused by the tenant or by anyone for whom the tenant is responsible. Requests for all repairs, except in emergencies, should be made by contacting the Housing Office at ext. 2396 or ext. 3433.

The Housing Office should be called for any repairs to plumbing and heating fixtures. Drain openers are not be used unless recommended by a College plumber.

For repairs or additions of a major nature, a letter should be sent to the Housing Office with explanation and justification for the request.

3. Keys

Keys may be obtained at the Housing Office at the time of occupancy. Duplicate keys will be made on request and must be returned on vacating.

4. Refuse

Refuse pick-up is contracted by the College for apartment houses only. All garbage (food waste) and rubbish (everything else) must be disposed of in sealed plastic garbage bags.

Refuse pick-up is not provided to residents of houses. Residents of houses must dispose of their garbage and rubbish at the Wellesley Town Dump or any College-owned dumpster. Local ordinance prohibits the burning of leaves but they may be disposed of at the Wellesley Town Dump.

5. Parking and Garages

Designated off-street parking spaces are provided at all locations. The Town does not permit overnight parking on the streets.

There are limited garage facilities associated with Horton, Hallowell and Shepard Apartments. Spaces are assigned on the basis of a waiting list maintained in the Office of Faculty Housing. For those not assigned a place in the garage, parking is permitted in the drives except in the event of a snowstorm. Cars must be moved from the exit road (northeast side of the complex) to parking spaces on the southwest side just before or during the storm and must remain there until snow removal and sanding operations are completed.

A College permit is required in order to park vehicles on the campus. Application forms may be obtained from Campus Police.

6. Storage

Storage areas are provided in apartment buildings. Articles should be stored in the assigned areas. Things left outside the storage area or in the hallways may be removed and disposed of as they present fire hazards. Entrances and corridors should be kept clear at all times.

Articles left in storage by a tenant who has vacated Faculty Housing will be disposed of at the tenant's expense.

7. Painting and Redecorating

Rooms in good condition will not be redecorated by the College for new tenants. The College does make the premises clean and present able for all new tenants. When redecoration is necessary, standard light colors are used.

If decoration is desired by the tenant prior to the time it would be done on the College maintenance schedule, this may be done at the tenant's expense. No work should be done before obtaining the consent of the Housing Office.

8. House and Apartment Checks

Upon request, the Campus Police Department will make daily checks of faculty houses or apartments at times when tenants are absent. The house or apartment check program has proven to be a valuable tool in preventing thefts as well as identifying potential problems. Call Campus Police Headquarters, ext. 2121 or 283-2121, and advise the Dispatcher of the dates of departure and expected return.