A. Rental Payment

It is the policy of the Controller's Office that monthly rental payments for Faculty Housing will be made by payroll deduction at the end of the month in which the rental payment falls due. In the event a tenant is not on the College payroll, the College will bill the tenant each month.

View policies on rents here.  

B. Utility And Miscellaneous Payments

The majority of the College's rental properties are serviced by the Town of Wellesley Electric Division.  Tenants in these locations will open accounts in their name once their arrival/move-in date is established.  The same is true of properties which are serviced by National Grid.  National Grid provides gas for stoves, hot water heaters and furnaces.  Tenants in single family houses with heating systems fueled by oil will open accounts with Devaney Energy.  In addition, there are six single family houses on Service Drive with hot water and gas stoves fueled by propane gas supplied by Suburban Propane.  All utility company contact information is available from Peter Eastment at

Some locations are on the College's electrical system.  These include Fiske House, Observatory House and Service Drives.  Tenants in these locations will receive a monthly deduction for electricity.  After the Facilities staff conducts their quarterly meter readings, the Controller's Office will invoice each tenant for the amount due/outstanding after the credit deductions are applied.  

Cable services are not provided and tenants may choose their provider.  Comcast and Verizon are the leading providers in this area.  The most efficient method of working with them is via their websites.