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Helping the Next Generation of Wellesley Women

“Because of WSAS I have been able to receive an amazing education. I wouldn’t be at Wellesley if it weren’t for WSAS. I am so grateful for the financial support they have given me!”
          —Shannon Brown ’18

The Wellesley Students' Aid Society’s independent and flexible structure has allowed it, for over 130 years, to offer help beyond that which the College proper is able to extend. In addition to financial support, the Society oversees a variety of initiatives to Wellesley sisters including short-term emergency loans, a clothing exchange, gift cards for textbooks, and personal conversations. The Society's long existing support by alumnae and friends makes it distinctive. The student beneficiaries of the Students’ Aid Society recognize the generosity of sisters who have gone before and the strength of the connection that exists between alumnae, students, faculty and staff.

WSAS has committed $1.36 million in tuition aid for Wellesley College students during the 2023-2024 academic year. Of this amount, $760,000 will be given in the form of scholarships and $600,000 in student loans. We also anticipate providing close to $300,000 in short-term loans, textbook assistance, emergency funds, and other gifts for students in need.

Why Donate?

Our supporters are committed to helping Wellesley students receive the education they deserve. They give for a variety of reasons, but it all comes down to supporting strong, capable women in achieving their full potential.

Providing Vital Aid

“I am forever deeply grateful to the Wellesley Students’ Aid Society for the gifts and loans awarded to me during my college years. Thus it has been my intent, over my lifetime, to support the Society so that it may continue to provide similar financial assistance to students in the future—aid which is vital to those in need.”
          —Kathryn Wood Lamb ’51

Giving Back

“When I arrived at Wellesley from Australia as a freshman on a full scholarship, I brought only my guitar and a suitcase full of clothes. The Students' Aid Society provided me with everything else that I would ever need to feel at home. I am eternally grateful... The Society gave those of us who came with less a sense of belonging and a sense of dignity. That state of grace is what I will always carry with me, and the reason I want to give back.”
          —Anne Shen Chao ’74

Fulfilling Dreams

“The Wellesley Students' Aid Society helped make my dream of a Wellesley education a reality, and I will forever be grateful. I rejoice in contributing to the Society, and helping other women achieve their dreams.“
          —Jody Spiegel '82

Remembering Friends

“My love for the Students’ Aid Society started when I was a student; you helped in so many different ways. As a small enduring thank you, I have chosen to set up Memorial Funds to commemorate several of my very best friends. Each year when I donate to the Society, I reaffirm my love for the Society and my friends.”
          —Vici Shellenberg Robinson '61

The WSAS 2023 Annual Bulletin Has Been Mailed!

Our 2023 Annual Bulletin has been mailed to US-based Wellesley College Alumnae.  Click on the image below to view highlights from the Annual Bulletin including a timeline of "145 Years of Helping Students."
Cover of WSAS Annual Bulletin - Class of 2023 Graduates