WSAS Helps Students Succeed

WSAS Helps Students Succeed

Over the years, the Wellesley Students' Aid Society has helped tens of thousands of Wellesley College students succeed in school and beyond. We provide tuition assistance, short-term emergency loans, and support for necessities such as gift cards for textbooks and clothes to get students through the winter or a job interview. In these and many other ways, WSAS opens the possibility of a Wellesley education to smart, dedicated women of all means. Following are just a few of the hundreds of notes of thanks we've received from students and alumni.

Stories from Over the Years

“During World War II, my father’s lumber business was temporarily wiped out by the war effort, and I needed both a scholarship and help from Students’ Aid to stay in college. I was very grateful for both—and still am.”
          —Polly Cameron Williams ’44

“If it had not been for Students' Aid, I might have gone to Smith instead of Wellesley. I received letters of acceptance from Smith and Wellesley offering identical scholarships. However, Wellesley stated that if this was not enough money, I should contact Students’ Aid. I did, and practically by return mail I was offered an additional large gift-loan. Naturally I selected Wellesley, and ever since, I have been praising Students' Aid.”
         —Maxine Melnick Gold ’53

“My love for the Student Aid Society started when I was a student. You helped in so many different ways that I truly appreciated. As a small enduring thank you, I have chosen to set up Memorial Funds to commemorate several of my very best friends. Each year when I donate to the Society, I reaffirm my love for the Society and my friends.”
         —Vici Shellenberg Robinson ’61

“I arrived as a scholarship student from Buenos Aires in September 1963. The airline lost all my luggage, and it was never found…. The Students’ Aid Society supplied me with a few outfits and basic toiletries to keep me going for the 6 weeks it took until my parents could receive and respond to my plea for funds. 50 years later, I still treasure that relief and support.”
         —Scottie Smith Farber, ’67

“The Society’s financial assistance and offer to be there if I needed them was a huge form of encouragement to me who, at age 18, didn’t have much of a family support system. The graduation gift is a significant memory of feeling surprised and recognized. This is why I am a proud supporter of all the Wellesley Students’ Aid Society does and represents!”
         —Christine E. Carnavos ’74

“A week before I was due to attend Wellesley in 1977, due to my parent's separation, I was deprived of all my college tuition. WSAS made sure I had basics—I still have my dictionary!—and provided emotional support and resources that made all the difference in my graduating. Thank you, WSAS. I couldn't have done it without you!”
         —Claudia Newcorn, ’81

“Wellesley Students’ Aid Society gave me vital aid that helped me, a naive 18 year old from the Midwest, access the world, including a Wellesley degree, a law degree, and fabulous legal career, and now a judgeship. Wellesley and Wellesley Students' Aid Society opens doors and lets Wellesley students launch. Thank you.”
         —Vickie Henry, ’88

“For families like mine, that could afford Wellesley, just not all at once, the Aid Society helped bridge the gap. I will always remember the bookstore voucher and the metal trash can for my dorm—such extravagant gifts for a campus newcomer! Every little bit helped my family and I have been honored to pay it forward by supporting the WSAS ever since.”
         —Jill Harrison Vassar ’92

“I had 2-3 part-time jobs while going to college but there was not enough money to cover the entire tuition. Thanks to [WSAS] and several loans I was able to graduate…. In 2000 I started a nonprofit charitable organization, Educare-Africa, to assist students, especially females, with basic educational needs. I am forever grateful for the Students’ Aid Society assistance.”
         —Pavla Zakova-Laney, ’95

“WSAS helped me survive my sophomore year and has kept me from taking a leave of absence because of money. As an independent student, their short-term loan allowed me to take an EMT class and get one step closer to entering the professional health field. This goal would otherwise have not been in sight for me.”
         —Joy Price ’17

“Earlier this winter, I realized I had outgrown my winter coat. Embarrassed and worried, I went to the WSAS clothes closet. Within minutes, the staffer there had pulled out a brand new coat from a shipping box. When I asked, ‘How do you know I'm deserving?’ (meaning, ‘Should I prove I'm on financial aid?’), she looked at me and exclaimed ‘EVERYONE’S deserving!’ I am so grateful for the help and comforted by the positivity I received.”
         —Sarah L, ’18