Books to Borrow

Introducing our New Wellness Library!

We are excited to bring you our new Wellness Library! Click below to see a list of the books now available for all students, free of charge!


Books in Our Library

Click each link below to read more about the book and author.

Have you heard of a book, read a review that sounds interesting, or have a copy of a book you no longer need? We would be happy to add it to our library! Please send us an email to let us know.

How to Borrow a Book

If you see a book you would like to checkout, please follow these steps:

  1. Email us at to let us know which book you would like to borrow and a day and time you would like to come by our office to pick it up. We appreciate you borrowing one book at a time and keeping a book for no more than one week. You can always check out a book more than once!

  2. Once we respond to confirm the book is available, sign out your book here. If a book you are interested in is currently unavailable, we will add your name to a waiting list and notify you once it is available.

  3. Stop by the Office of Student Wellness (Billings 1st Floor) on the prearranged date and time to pick up your book!