Wellness Outreach Collaborative

Wellness Outreach Collaborative at Wellesley College

Below are some of our wonderful on-campus partners that are part of the Wellness Outreach Collaborative (WOC). The WOC works to inspire students to cultivate life­long habits of wellness. 

The mission of the collaborative is to meet the diverse and evolving needs of Wellesley College students by fostering a total learning environment that inspires students to cultivate life­long habits of wellness and empowers them to make a difference in their world. Through our collaborative efforts, Wellesley students will:

  • learn to practice sustainable self­-care that is essential to their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth;
  • actively engage in the processes of self ­discovery, self ­acceptance, self advocacy, and transformation; and
  • integrate the knowledge necessary to make healthy and positive choices, including awareness of how to access the resources and support available to them in the community.

The Wellness Outreach Collaborative is comprised of representatives from:

Additional on-campus wellness campus partners include: