Self-Care Workbook

Wellesley College Clapp Library in background, with lamp post, walkway, and foliage in foreground.

A Balanced Approach to Self-Care

We know that as students, you have a variety of demands in your day-to-day life. Sometimes we get so busy between classes, hanging out with friends, org meetings, and lab work...that we can forget to take care of ourselves! We also know that wellness is a journey that evolves and shifts with your own growth and needs. That's why we've put together a workbook to guide you in some self-reflection for a more balanced you!
In this workbook, we will explore what wellness means to you, with sustainable approaches to your self-care, exploring healthy boundary setting, and creating a plan for those days when life throws us a curveball.
Even just small changes each day can make a big difference; this workbook is meant to help you reflect on your strengths, while considering areas you may want to invest some small changes for your overall wellbeing.
Get started with your own self-care workbook! If you'd like to review this workbook with a member of Student Wellness, you can also request a consultion with a Student Wellness staff member.