Environmental Wellness

Group of students smiling on top of mountain

Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness urges us to consider the synergistic relationship between humans and the physical world around us, contemplating how the environment shapes our well-being, and how we shape the environment around us. 

Environmental wellness also involves the ability to be safe and feel safe in our surroundings; this can include accessing clean air, food, and water; preserving the areas where we live, learn, and work; occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support our well-being; and promoting learning, contemplation, and relaxation in natural places and spaces.

Tips for Environmental Wellness

Want to strengthen your environmental wellness? Check out the tips below!

  • Spending time in nature has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety, even just 20 minutes has the potential to improve well-being...so take a break and go outside today!
  • Explore your impact on the world around you; consider how to reduce your waste and water; participate in recycling efforts; take part in volunteer or advocacy opportunities.
  • Does your physical living space bring you joy? Consider incorporating elements that promote relaxation, enjoyment, and pleasure. This does not necessarily mean material items, rather consider keeping your room tidy, or bringing in a plant, or putting up photos of loved ones to make your immediate environment one in which you feel grounded.
On-Campus Resources

Looking to get connected or learn more?

  • Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative
    • Who they are: The Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative inspires and prepares Wellesley College students across disciplines to engage with their natural environment and develop a sense of place on our iconic campus to enrich their academic experience, well-being, and community, and become change agents who cultivate sustainable landscapes and communities around the globe. 
    • Check it out: Wellness Nature Practices to help you connect to our beautiful landscape
    • Don't miss it: Upcoming events just for you!
  • Sustainability
    • Who they are: Responsible stewardship of our planet starts at home, and at Wellesley College, situated on one of the most beautiful campuses in North America, we feel a sense of urgency to protect all that surrounds us—and the world beyond. Trustees, student activists, expert faculty, and incredibly dedicated staff have joined together to shepherd Wellesley towards a more sustainable future. The Office of Sustainability supports the Wellesley College community by driving initiatives that promote environmental sustainability on campus and beyond. 
    • Check it out: Want to get active and connect with the landscape, check out the free bike share program!
    • Don't miss it: Each year, Sustainability hosts a Move-In sale in the Fall with items donated from previous move-out programs in the Spring. This helps reduce unnecessary waste and consumption, and students become more environmentally conscious, promoting a more sustainable community.
  • Wellesley College Botanic Gardens
    • Who they are: The Botanic Gardens is 22+ acres of diverse plants and habitats, stretching from Paramecium Pond to the Science Center greenhouses, for the community to enjoy, connect with plants, and get inspired. The Edible Ecosystem Teaching Garden is a favorite spot with sitting stones and soothing herbs like lavender, oregano, and thyme. Our staff and student team sustainably manage these landscapes and care for thousands of plant species from all over the world: come wander, learn and relax in the Arboretum, outdoor gardens, and Global Flora greenhouse!
    • Check it out: Joining the Botanistas student org is one of many ways to get engaged with environmental wellness on-campuse.
    • Don't miss it: The Botanic Gardens gives out a free "First Year plant" to every incoming student during Orientation. Check out these tips for keeping your plants happy!