Sexual Health & Sexual Violence Prevention

Sexual Health and Violence Prevention

Taking care of your personal health also includes sexual health, such as safer sex options, STI prevention, preventative care and services, healthy communication with partner(s), and feeling empowered to make safe and informed decisions. 

The College encourages students to educate themselves about sexual misconduct and how to play an active role in ending it. The Student Wellness team offers educational programs regarding sexual misconduct to the community upon request, and support to students who have concerns regarding sexual misconduct.


General Sexual Health

Be sure to check out "The Sex Talk You Never Had" by the Wellesley College Sexual Health Educators!

Are you looking to learn more? See below for some great resources:

LGBTQ+ Sexual Health

Inclusive sexual health education means including representation of all identities, bodies, and individuals. Please see below for resources for LGBTQ+ sexual health:

Contraception + Birth Control

Are you looking to find the right option for you/your partner(s)? Below are resources to help you navigate, and as always consult your physician or Health Services for additional questions.


Health Services provided by Newton-Wellesley Collegiate Health offers a variety of services, including gynecologic services, including birth control counseling/discussion and STI testing, counseling, and treatment.

For additional sexual health services and/or STI testing:

Sexual Assault + Intimate Partner Violence Prevention

If you are looking for resources for yourself or a loved one, please see below. Sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking are prohibited and will not be tolerated by Wellesley. Wellesley is committed to providing a safe environment in which all students can thrive as they pursue their educational goals.

Not Anymore

All Wellesley College students are encouraged to compete Not Anymore, an interactive online education program that will provide you with information about sexual misconduct on college campuses and how to be an active bystander, as well as opportunities for personal reflection. Not Anymore will also provide you with helpful resources available to you at Wellesley College and in the community. The program takes less than 90 minutes to complete.

The information you provide to Not Anymore is completely anonymous and will only be available to you. Your identifying information is only used to verify completion of the program. 


"From the start, I found the test inclusive towards different identities (race, gender, orientation, disabilities, etc.) ...Moreover, I consider myself well-read in regards to sexual assault-related definitions and statistics, but I still learned a lot from the video and pre/post testing, especially seeing whether I got it right or wrong. In all topics, hearing student's diverse stories and encounters was incredibly eye-opening and impactful towards engaging my awareness and consciousness towards these occurrences." - Student Leader, Class of 2015 


Accessing the Not Anymore Program

Step 1: Log on to Not Anymore
Step 2: Under “New Users” enter Access Code: 149355
Step 3: Create Your Account & remember your password. This allows you to complete the program in several sittings without having to start over.