Sakai Media Gallery

Sakai Media Gallery

Sakai has a tool called the Media Gallery, which houses our video e-reserves system, and can also be used by faculty for streaming and sharing multimedia content with their students and for students to submit multimedia assignments.  Faculty also have the ability to organize their content into Playlists.

Adding e-Reserve Videos to the Sakai Media Gallery

Once your videos are digitized, you will receive an email with the titles and instructions on how to add the videos to your course site. To add digitized films to your site:

  • Click on the Add Media Button to the right
  • Select Shared Respository
  • Use the Search Repository box underneath
  • Check the box next to the film you would like to add and click the teal +Publish button to the right
  • This will add it to your Media Gallery

If the video you would like to use is not available, or does not have the language and subtitles you would prefer, request it via the Video E-Reserves Request Form.

NOTE: By default, films are marked Public and are visible to your students immediately.

If you would like to delay when a film becomes available, you must make it Private. You can only make content you’ve uploaded Private:

  1. In the Media Gallery click on the video you’d like to make private.
  2. Click Actions and then click + Publish
  3. Check Private and then hit Save.


Adding Your Own Content to the Sakai Media Gallery

The Media Gallery provides instructors with access to the Library's entire collection of digitized media. Another advantage to the Media Gallery is that both instructors and students can upload their own content. The Media Gallery supports mp4, mov, mp3 and jpg file types. To add content, go to the Media Gallery and then +Add Media:

  • The Add New button includes:
    • The Media Upload button which allows you to upload content from your computer.
    • The Webcam Recording button which allows you to capture video directly from your webcam. This requires the use of Adobe Flash.
  • The Shared Repository tab allows access to the Library's collection of digitized video, audio and images (only instructors have access to this tab).

Making videos Private is useful for uploading materials that you would like to show during class but do not have copyright privileges to distribute, or for delaying when content becomes available.

Content that students make Private is visible to the instructors of a site but not to other members of the site. This can be a useful way for submitting multimedia assignments.


How to create and modify a Playlist

What was formerly known as Collections is now known as Playlists. Any playlists that you create will appear to all members of the site. Once playlists are created, the Media Gallery homepage will be a list of those playlists.

  1. To add a playlist:
  2. On the Media Gallery’s opening page, click Actions in the upper right hand corner, and then click Edit.
  3. Click on the Playlists tab.
  4. Select Create New and then Manual Playlist.
  5. Give the playlist a name, an optional description, and optional tags.
  6. Hit Save if you would like to add media at a later time. If not, hit 2 Add Media. You will only have access to videos you have added to My Media.
  7. Click the Add button on the right side of each video. It will appear on the right hand side of the screen in a new column.  If you want to remove the video hit the Remove button next to the video in the new column.
  8. When you’re done, hit Save.


To modify an existing playlist, click the small blue pencil on the right hand side of row. Here you can edit the title, description, and content. If you would like to delete the playlist, hit the small blue ‘x’ next to the pencil.