The Conservation Facility supports open access to ideas and information for all members of the College Community by prolonging the useful life of needed research resources.

The Facility is primarily dedicated to repairs and treatments of the Library's circulating and reference collections.  It may also be used by Preservation and Special Collections staff or independent conservators for other projects or treatment of rare materials.

Repairs and treatments range from the very simple to the complex.  All are done in conformance with current best practice, as developed by recognized conservators and the American Institute of Conservators (AIC).  Supplies are of the first quality and chosen for chemical stability, durability, and appearance.

General Principles Guiding the Work of the Conservation Facility

  • Materials requested by patrons have the highest priority
  • Circulating materials and those in Reference and Reserves have the highest priority
  • Treatments will be selected based on best practice and suitability for use and longevity
  • Minor damage will be identified and repaired promptly, to prevent more extensive future damage
  • Original covers and binding structures will be retained when possible