Pay Your WSAS Loan

Make a Payment on Your WSAS Loan

Do you have a Private Education Loan or Short-Term Loan with the Wellesley Students' Aid Society and need to make a payment?  There are a few different ways to make a payment on your WSAS loan:

Make an Online Payment With Your Bank Account - To make a payment online using your bank account, please visit our secure WSAS Loan Payments page.  You will need to register as a user on the page and provide the routing and account number of a checking or savings account in order to process your payment.

Enroll in Direct Debit (For Private Education Loans Only) - WSAS can automatically deduct your quarterly Private Education Loan payment from your checking account.  If you would like to sign up for this payment option, please fill out an ACH Authorization Form, attach a voided check (or letter from your bank confirming your account and routing numbers), and mail it to WSAS using the mailing address below.  Please continue to make payments on your tuition loan until you receive a confirmation email from WSAS stating that your account has been set up for processing payments via ACH.

Use Online Bill Pay Through Your Bank – Your bank may offer Online Bill Pay.  Many of our current loan holders use this option to make quarterly or monthly payments towards their WSAS loans.  Loan holders access Bill Pay through their online banking account and set up WSAS as a payee (using WSAS mailing address below) and schedule a payment(s).  Please use your B# as the Account Number.  Your bank will mail a printed check to WSAS using the schedule set up by the loan holder. If you choose to set up a monthly payment schedule, be sure that those monthly payments are equal to or exceed the quarterly payment due.

Mail WSAS A Check/Money Order – You may mail in a personal check, cashier's check, or money order as payment.  Please make your payment out to the Wellesley Students' Aid Society and mail it to WSAS.  Please write your B# on your payment.

Payments may be mailed to:     

Wellesley Students’ Aid Society
106 Central Street Schneider Ctr Suite 117
Wellesley, MA 02481

If you have any questions regarding your WSAS loan and making payment on your loan, please email Kat Longee or call 781.283.2992.