Why Talk To a Chaplain?

Why Talk To a Chaplain?

The college chaplains and dean of ORSL are confidential resources trained to listen and support you - on virtually any topic!  While they serve and lead religious communities on campus, chaplains support the whole college community - whether religious, spiritual, secular, or none of the above. 

At Wellesley College, all chaplains are available for all students (as well as staff and faculty). Chaplains offer a nonjudgmental, respectful ear for anything you’re going through.

To make an appointment with a college chaplain, simply send them an email or call the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life.  


Finding community and making friends can be a challenge. Chaplains are here - not only to listen to how this adjustment has been for you - but also to help you think through strategies for finding community here on campus.

Fighting with family about your major, difficulties communicating with a roommate, bullying on social media, trouble in a friend group, navigating a sticky dating situation - these are all the sorts of conversations that chaplains regularly have with students looking for sounding boards when dealing with these interpersonal dynamics.

Questions of becoming sexually active, exploring sexual and gender identities, and coping with sexual assault may be discussed with a college chaplain in a safe, confidential, and nonjudgmental setting.

Chaplains are here to help you make meaning - figuring out what excites you, considering your purpose, asking big questions, thinking about how you want to shape your life and serve the world. Your chaplain’s office is not only a good place for a cup of tea, it’s a great space to think out loud, in a confidential space.

A chaplain is thrilled to hear about what’s going right in your world, and to cheer you on.  We’re a nonjudgmental presence when you’re trying to figure things out and it’s OK to humble-brag about yourself, too!

Exploring the spiritual dimensions of our humanity can be a wonderful resource on the journey of life. It’s also totally normal to doubt or wonder if some of what you were taught might be toxic or unhealthy. Cults and unhealthy religious groups love to target college students, so please come talk to us about anything you’re curious or concerned about.

The death of a loved one, prolonged illness, accidents and other unexpected life events can be very painful experiences. Fear of our own mortality and questions about an afterlife are normal after such difficult experiences. Chaplains are a helpful resource to process all of your feelings and help you find ways to begin to heal from your loss.

Many college students struggle with feelings of pressure, shame, or authenticity surrounding their childhood community, family, or religious practice. Chaplains may be a resource for helping you think about how to integrate (or not) your family’s beliefs as you develop your own personal and/or religious identity.

Contact: Office of Religious and Spiritual Life | Billings 2nd floor | ORSL@wellesley.edu | 781.283.2685