Religious Student Orgs

Wellesley’s many religious organizations allow students to maintain their religious and spiritual traditions, or explore new ones, in a supportive community setting.

To learn about weekly programs, services, and gatherings offered by Office of Religious and Spiritual Life chaplains, see our Spiritual Communities section!

Below are some of our registered student run organizations (student orgs).

Al-Muslimat (ALM)

Al-Muslimat is a student-run organization for the Muslim students of Wellesley College. Al-Muslimat, which means "The Muslim Women," was established in 1992, and has since been providing Islamic support services for students from various countries, traditions, cultures, and backgrounds. In addition to supporting Muslim students, Al-Muslimat promotes an understanding of Islam and issues related to Islam throughout the Wellesley College community.

Learn more about Al-Muslimat through the ALM Facebook Page, and Instagam.

Weekly Meeting: TBD

Advisor: College Chaplain and Muslim Life Coordinator Amira Quraishi

Chaplain Services: Weekly Jum'ah Prayers on Friday at 1 pm in the MFC Gathering Area, followed by Chai and Chat.

Asian Baptist Student Koinonia (ABSK)

Asian Baptist Student Koinonia (ABSK) is a community of Christians committed to fellowship with Jesus Christ and one other. Our goal is for others to come to know the love of God that we share. We meet every Friday for Bible Study, but we also love to cook, take trips, and share our lives together. Whether you're a Christian wanting to grow or simply want to know more about life, we invite you to come join don't have to be Asian or Baptist!

Learn more about Asian Baptist Student Koinonia through the ABSK Facebook Pageand Instagram Page.

Weekly Meeting: TBD

Advisors from ABSK: Angela Um, Carolyn Kim and Anne Shen

Awaken the Dawn

Awaken the Dawn exists to bring healing laced with truth and to give glory to God through excellence in music. We are an a capella group that spreads love of God through music.

We will meet twice a week in Jewett Auditorium for rehearsals. Visit our Instagram Page to learn more about ATD.

Advisor: ORSL

Black Women’s Ministry

Black Women's Ministry is a Christian group which aims to spiritually nourish its members and foster belonging and siblinghood on Wellesley's campus. Ministry members participate in weekly bible studies, community service, on and off-campus social events, go to church together, host worship nights on campus, and attend gospel concerts/conferences together. We are beyond excited to welcome you to Wellesley and look forward to bringing our new siblings into BWM’s community!

Advisor: ORSL

Citylife Presbyterian Church

Wellesley Citylife members attend Citylife Presbyterian Church in Boston. We meet for weekly Bible studies, attend monthly fellowship events in Boston, and worship together each Sunday. Citylife Church seeks to expand God's kingdom in the city of Boston and beyond. Our desire is to foster a community of love that reaches out with the historic Christian truths of the Gospel. We welcome skeptics, seekers, and those who share the church's vision to be a Godspel-oriented, outwardly-faced community of God's grace.

Church website:

Follow us on Instagram: @citylifewellesley

Advisor from Citylife: Catherine Perkins

Cru Wellesley Christian Fellowship

The purpose of Cru Wellesley Christian Fellowship is to create a safe space where all students can come and explore the person of Jesus Christ in the context of Christian community. We meet in weekly Bible studies, host social events each month, participate in Cru Boston activities and events, connect Wellesley students with local churches, and encourage friendships amongst both Christian women and those who are exploring questions of faith. This organization also aims to aid Christians in their spiritual growth and to teach members how to articulate their faith. We also work closely with the Cru Boston Metro Ministry.

Learn more about Cru Wellesley Christian Fellowship through the Wellesley Cru Facebook Page, and Instagram.

Weekly Meeting: TBD

Advisor from CRU: Valerie Pierce


Darshana is Wellesley's Hindu student organization and seeks to promote Hindu practice, learning, celebration and discussion within our campus community. We meet weekly for puja, have dinner and discussions related to a variety of spiritual and religious topics, and we host larger events during major holidays and festivals. We welcome all members of the Hindu community and anyone who wants to learn more about Hinduism!

Learn more about Darshana through the Darshana Instagram.

Advisor: College Chaplain and Hindu Community Coordinator Rumni Saha

Chaplain Services: Weekly Pooja on Thursday at 3pm in the Multifaith Center Meditation Room

Heartspace Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry

The Wellesley Heartspace UU Campus Ministry is a welcoming and inclusive spiritual community that gathers weekly for a chalice lighting, shared singing, time for reflection, and community building. Heartspace is grounded in the Unitarian Universalist values of courageous love and radical welcome and is open to seekers of all kinds. Come with your questions, come with your beliefs, come with your worries, come with your joys. Come as you are. All are welcome.

Learn more about Heartspace UU Campus Ministry through the Heartspace Instagram.

Advisor: College Chaplain and UU Community Coordinator Rumni Saha

Chaplain Services: Weekly meeting on Wednesday at 4:30 pm in the Mult Faith Center


Hillel is a student organization dedicated to learning, exploring, and celebrating Jewish life! In addition to gathering for Shabbat services and dinner each week, we engage in social justice work, celebrate holidays, host bagel brunches, film screenings, mixers, and more!

Learn more through the Hillel Instagram.

Advisor: College Chaplain and Campus Rabbi Dena Bodian

Rabbi Services: Weekly Shabbat on Friday at 5:30 pm in the Multi Faith Center Gathering Space, followed by Shabbat Dinner in the Jewish Life Lounge.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship - Wellesley Intervarsity (WIV) is a Christian fellowship that strives to joyously embody the life of Christ and courageously spread the gospel of love. We welcome people of all faith backgrounds and are deeply committed to grow together by studying the Bible, sharing our personal experiences and praying for one another.

Come get to know us at our weekly gatherings: TBD

Advisor form Intevarsity: Franchesca Burgos Hoder

Latter-day Saints Student Association (LDSSA)

The Latter-day Saints Student Association (LDSSA) comprises the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints here at Wellesley. It was formed to provide a space where members of the Church can learn and worship together, as well as strengthen each other in faith. On campus, we have a home evening group, Come Follow Me, and weekly institute classes. We attend the Mount Auburn Young Single Adult ward in the Cambridge, Massachusetts stake along with LDSSAs across the greater Boston area. Like the Church, the Wellesley LDSSA welcomes all visitors and aims to strengthen the relationships between religious organizations and between individuals here at Wellesley.

Information: ORSL

Newman Catholic Ministry

The Wellesley College Newman Catholic Community seeks to foster an environment that strengthens one’s spirituality and understanding of the Roman Catholic Church. Embracing Cardinal Newman’s ideology that intellect and spirit go hand in hand, the Newman Catholic Community hopes to become living witnesses as educated, passionate, and faithful Catholic leaders. Respecting the dignity of every person, the Newman Catholic Community challenges one another to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Learn more through the Wellesley College Newman Catholic Community Facebook Page.

Advisor: ORSL

Services: Weekly Mass on Sunday at 3pm in Houghton Chapel

Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Wellesley Orthodox Christian Fellowship provides a space for Orthodox students to come together and build community through faith. The Fellowship holds weekly dinners to discuss spiritual life and encourages connections to different cultures and communities thorughout Boston and beyond.

Advisor: ORSL

Sikh Student Association (WSSA)

More information to come!

Learn more through the Sikh Student Association Instagram.

Symphony Church

Symphony Church’s mission is to raise up Kingdom workers transformed by Christ to serve the world! Symphony Church seeks to provide a Christian community wherein Wellesley College students can grow during their college years. We want to build an authentic, grace-filled, scripture-based, prayer-driven, and spirit-empowered Christian community on campus. We strive to serve our members and the greater Wellesley community and to be a light on campus.

Much of this occurs from our weekly gatherings: Sunday services, Friday services, prayer meetings, and Family Group. Family Groups are the heartbeat of Symphony Church and are where we can walk as sisters in Christ doing bible study, worship, prayer, and fellowship together. Family Group is every Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Cazenove Green Room. Sunday and Friday services are led by Symphony Church staff, consisting of worship, preaching a weekly message, and prayer. Other meetings may include hangouts, churchwide events, and outreach/volunteering.

Church Website:

Instagram: @wellesymphony 

Advisors from Symphony: Pastor Michael Oh and Irene Xu 

Contact: Office of Religious and Spiritual Life | Billings 2nd floor | | 781.283.2685