Spiritual Communities

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life supports students from a diverse array of religious, spiritual, and philosophical communities.

Students from many religious and non-religious traditions including Atheist, Agnostic, Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian (Orthodox, Protestant, Roman Catholic), Hindu, Humanist, Jain, Jewish, Latter Day Saints, Muslim, Native African, Native American, Pagan, Secular, Sikh, Unitarian Universalist, Zoroastrian and others are encouraged to find a home and community within the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life.

Wellesley students may choose to participate in one of the various student-led religious organizations and any of the programs hosted by ORSL on a weekly basis (see the Weekly Programs below). Students are encouraged to contact the Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life to connect to a particular community or create a new campus organization to nurture their spiritual development while on campus. 

The college chaplains are a confidential resource for students, faculty, and staff, by offering individual pastoral counseling sessions in which spiritual curiosity and life issues are explored through nonjudgmental conversation. The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life encourages the celebration of religious identity in our campus community and supports student wellness through engagement with spirituality.

See our Why Talk to a Chaplain?

Weekly Programs

Buddhist & Mindfulness Meditation

Chaplain John Bailes - jbailes@wellesley.edu

Meditation Monday

Student Only Meditation Thursday 

Monday at 5-7 pm

Thursday at 5-6 pm

Houghton Chapel

Houghton Chapel


Christian Life

Chaplain Ylisse C Bess - yb100@wellesley.edu

Catholic Mass

Christian Worship Service

Christian Life Dinner

Sunday at 3 pm

Sunday at 4 pm

Sunday at 5 pm

Houghton Chapel

Houghton Chapel

Multifaith Center


Hindu Community/Darshana

Chaplain Rumni Saha - rs116@wellesley.edu


Thursday at 3 pm

Multifaith Center Meditation Room



Rabbi Dena Bodian - dbodian@wellesley.edu

Shabbat Services 

Shabbat Dinner

Friday at 5 pm

Friday at 6 pm

Multifaith Center

Jewish Lounge or Multifaith Center


Multifaith Community Gathering

Chaplain Amira Quraishi - aquraish@wellesley.edu

Multifaith Community

Thursday at 12:45-2 pm

Multifaith Center



Chaplain Amira Quraishi - aquraish@wellesley.edu

Jum’ah Prayers

Chai and Chat

Friday at 1 pm

Friday at 1:30 pm

Multifaith Center

Multifaith Center


Unitarian Universalist/Heartspace

Chaplain Rumni Saha - rs116@wellesley.edu


Wednesday at 4:30 pm

Multifaith Center


*Contact individual chaplains for more information


Places for Prayer and Peace on Campus

ORSL Spaces

William S. Houghton Memorial Chapel

Multifaith Center

  • Study Room 009

  • Meditation Room 020

  • Prayer Room 026

Science Center

  • Prayer and Meditation Room L022


  • Jewish Life Lounge 200

  • Conference Room 202

  • Multipurpose Lounge 206


Places for Peace

  • Peace Plaza (outside of Multifaith Center)

  • Chapel Swing

  • Lake Waban - Tupelo Point, Boardwalk, Wooden and Stone “spoonholders” around the lake

  • Outdoor Labyrinth on Munger Meadow

  • Willow Tree in H. H. Hunnewell Arboretum

  • Adirondack chairs on Chapel Lawn

  • Adirondack chairs on Green Beach

  • Paramecium Pond Bench

Contact: Office of Religious and Spiritual Life | Billings Hall | ORSL@wellesley.edu | 781.283.2685