Signing Out

As of 10/17/11, you will be logged out of MyWellesley after 3 hours, instead of after a half-hour.

Please note that this timeout does not extend to Banner ERP or Discoverer. It also does not affect Gmail and Sakai, even if you opened them through MyWellesley. Gmail and Sakai will not timeout, so you will need to be careful and sign out or log out of those tools -- closing a browser window is not sufficient! If you have Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, Groups, etc. open in different tabs, you may need to sign out of each.

In MyWellesley, signing out is important because your financial data is stored under Employee Services. Logout by clicking this button in the upper right:

In Google Apps , you may need to sign out of each tool you opened. In the upper right, click your username to select Sign out.


In Sakai , look for the Logout link in the upper right corner: