Data Storage Tools

Wellesley College Data Storage Tools

  1. College website

The College website is externally facing, and should contain Unrestricted data only.

  1. Google Apps (Drive, Sites, Groups and Gmail)

  • Confidential (PI) data is not permitted to be stored here.
  • Drive is Google’s cloud storage used for document storage and collaboration.  It is accessible anywhere via a web browser or alternatively through installed applications on Windows, Macs, and mobile devices.  It is the ideal location for documents that need to be maintained regularly, edited jointly, or accessed easily from anywhere via the web.  LTS recommends departments move files to Drive that they may have previously been stored on NTM, for easier access and sharing.
  • Google Apps for Education accounts include 30GB of online cloud storage across Gmail, Drive, and Picasa Web Albums.  Files stored in Google formats in Drive are not counted against this quota.
  1. Local storage

Storing Confidential data on local hard drives on laptop or desktop computers or on mobile devices is strongly discouraged. If you must store such Confidential data on your local hard drive for business reasons, full-disk encryption is required. If you need to encrypt your hard drive, please contact the Help Desk.

  1. NTM

On-campus network storage used for departmental and academic purposes.  Ideal for business continuity documents that are less frequently updated or accessed, or files that are not easily viewable in a web browser or Google Drive (e.g., very large spreadsheets).  Accessible only on-campus or remotely through the VPN.  Click for instructions on how to access NTM on Windows and Macs.

  1. Sakai

Online storage for course materials and other related content.  Accessible anywhere via a web browser.

  1. Vault

On-campus network storage used for storing confidential data.  Accessible only on-campus or remotely through a secure VPN.  Access to vault requires additional privileges and the completion of security training.  Click for instructions on how to access Vault on Windows and Macs.

Non-Wellesley College Data Storage Tools

  1. Dropbox/OneDrive/iCloud

Various cloud-based storage solutions.  These solutions are unsupported by the College and should not be used for storing any documents or data related to the College.

  1. Personally-owned devices

No College data should be stored on personally-owned devices - this includes laptops, desktops, smart phones, tablets, and any other device not owned by the College.