Bike Share

Bike rack in the Davis Parking Garage.

Bike Share

Stuck on campus? No need to worry about driving or waiting for the bus! The Bike Share program allows you to check out bikes for 24 hour intervals free for students. Wellesley Bike Share has made it possible for you to travel independently and sustainably. Our mission is to make Bike Share easy and accessible for all students on-campus and advocate the benefits of riding bicycles. Simply check out a bike at any automated check-out station, ride it around, and return it to the same station after 24 hours. There are two check-out stations on-campus, one located at Campus Police and the other inside Freeman.


How to Sign Up 

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How to Use the Bikes

Click on this link to learn how to access and use the bikes.




I lost the key to my bike, what should I do?

Please notify us asap and bring the bike back to its original location and lock it up (if you can), and if you cannot lock the bike email In the email, include the bike that you checked out, date you lost the keys, and B number. 

I have an account, but the machine is not registering my name

Email us and we will check if your account is working. We may not have registered your name in the system yet, please wait until you have received a confirmation email with your user ID and pin number. Alternatively, this may also be due to an overdue bike, and if you have had 3 overdues, then your account will be permanently disconnected.

I checked out a bike, but it has a flat. What should I do?

Please leave the bike at the station, return the key, and email us ASAP. Every week, we go around and check the bikes for issues. The sooner you tell us, the sooner we can fix it.

The bike is banged up before I check it out, who should I tell?

Before riding a bike, identify any marks or damages done to the bike. If there are identifiable damages, email us, especially if the bike is unusable.

I returned a bike to the wrong location but already turned in my key. How can I fix that?

This happens. Email us your B number, the bike you checked out, the location of the key, and location of the bike.

How long does it take for me to be registered into the system?

We update the system every week, but sometimes it can take a couple weeks depending on the number of registrations we receive.

The key check out isn’t working. Who should I call?

If there are technical issues, email us In the meantime, sit still and remain calm.

I want to check out a bike, but there are no more keys.

Sorry about that. If this occurs consistently, please email us and we will talk to our guys. Often this happens because users have not returned their bikes within the 24 hour period.

My bike got stolen, what should I do?

Even though our campus is generally a safe place where students are expected to abide by the honor code, there are often outsiders on campus. Unfortunately, if the bike was stolen it is your responsibility to pay for it. We track who last took out the bike, so please report it as missing to as soon as possible.

Can I use these bikes to ride outside of campus?

Under the agreement you sign for Bike Share, you are allowed to ride the bikes off campus. Please follow all safety rules and keep in mind that these bikes are not mountain bikes, and should not be used for long distances or Mount Washington.

I really want to check them out for more than 24 hours, what can I do?

Sorry, our policy is 24 hours to allow fair usage of the bike share to our hundreds of users. You can however, return the bike and re-check it out if needed.

I am not a Wellesley student, can I still use it?

Sorry, Bike Share is only for students with a B number.

Is there anywhere I can quickly fix a bike?

Right outside Campus Police, there is a bike fixing station. It is a 2 meter high blue pole with pumps, gears, and tools for you to use.

Why is it closed during the winter?

It is closed for your safety. Since the bikes are leisure bikes, they are not equipped to be used in the snow. The bikes close from mid- December to mid- March. We will notify the student body when the specific dates are decided.

What are the bike safety rules?

Thanks for asking! We recommend reading information on this site:

Where can I pick up the bikes?

We have 2 bike stations. One is at the Davis parking garage, with the key check out at campus police, which is open 24/7. The other is by the entrance of Freeman dorm. The check-out station for Freeman is inside the building on the right immediately after the entrance.

Do I need a helmet?

It is strongly recommend you wear one for your safety. If you do not have your own helmet, the Office of Sustainability sells helmets for the subsidized price of $15! Email us at if interested.

Where should I put the bike lock when I am biking?

A good place to put it is between the top bar and the seat post. It rests nicely there. Some of the bikes have a lock holder.

How did Bike Share come about?

In 2012, the Office of Sustainability implemented a bike share program on campus. We initially ordered 15 brand new bikes with an internal gear system, a bike rack, and a repair station all funded by the Class of 1957 Green Fund. The Outing Club was awarded a Green Grant in 2011 for this proposal. 10 more bikes and another bike rack was added to east campus in 2013.