Study Away/Group Travel


This policy applies to study away foreign and domestic programs and group travel where a faculty member requires funds advanced for the trip. The faculty member should try to have expenses for the trip invoiced by the vendor directly to the College to minimize the amount of money that will be advanced for the trip.

All travel reimbursement must be approved by an authorized individual other than the traveler and include a full reconciliation between amount advanced and spent.


To request an advance, submit a Study Away/Group Travel Advance Form and forward to Accounts Payable for processing. The faculty member receiving the advance must sign the statement acknowledging responsibility for submitting an expense report with receipts.

Within 60 days from the last day of the program or trip, a full reconciliation between the advanced amount and the actual expenditures must be documented on a Study Away/Group Travel Expense Report. The page 1 tab of the spreadsheet is the summary and the page 2 tab should be used to document the detail of the expenses. On page 2, please identify receipts in numerical order with the number placed on the right hand corner of receipts and circle amount of reimbursement. Receipts are not required if the expense is less than $15. For daily meal allowances to students, an acceptable form of receipt is a list with each student's signature indicating receipt of such allowance. If no receipt is available, enter no receipt and provide explanation on attached missing receipt log found on the page 3 tab. The completed report with attached receipts should be forwarded to Accounts Payable for processing.

Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.