Travel Advances

Travel Advance/Spend Authorization Policy


A cash advance may be issued for travel where payments must be made prior to the actual travel (i.e. airline tickets and hotel reservations).

The Travel Cash Advance form does not replace the expense report because the travel has not yet occurred, so it is the employee’s responsibility to complete the expense report within 60 days from the travel date. Any travel cash advance made without the completed expense report will be repaid to the College as a payroll deduction. No additional travel advances may be made until the overdue expense report has been completed.

All travel advances must be approved by an authorized individual other than the traveler.


To request a travel advance, submit a spend authorization in Workday. Please find finance guide on how to create a spend authorization here: 

For requests over $200, an itemization of reimbursement must be included on the travel advance form.

Please allow 5 business days for processing.