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Documenting the Wellesley College COVID-19 Experience

The Wellesley College archives is excited to announce the launch of "Documenting the Wellesley College COVID-19 Experience." This project aims to crowdsource born digital materials related to the Wellesley College community's experience with life during the COVID-19 global pandemic. The archives is seeking donations from members of the Wellesley College community, including staff, faculty, students, and alumnae. Donations can include anything from artistic endeavors such as poetry, to assignments that had to be transitioned amidst switching to virtual teaching, to photographs - anything that speaks to this unprecedented time and how it has affected life for the Wellesley community. Donations will become a part of the official college record of this time we are living through and will be preserved as a part of our emerging COVID-19 collection.

The archives needs your help! Please submit donations here:

We hope to collect material from the most diverse pool of community members as possible. If you have technology questions about submitting, or general questions about the process, please feel free to contact us at or 781-283-3745. Donations will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

Group photo of the 2023 Student Library Research Award winners

After three years in Zoom, the Student Library Research Awards Presentation Ceremony returned to Clapp Library on May 5, 2023. The awards are generously funded by the Friends of Wellesley College Library.

Announcing the 2023 Student Library Research Award Winners!

The Student Library Research Award Evaluation Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 Student Library Research Awards, sponsored by the Friends of the Wellesley College Library (more about the awards).

Award recipients demonstrated a thoughtful, methodical, and scholarly approach to research and made creative use of diverse library resources, which contributed to their ability to produce an outstanding research project.

We received a large number of excellent submissions again this year, representing 26 different departments and programs. We continue to be impressed by the range and creativity of students’ projects and their insightful reflections on the research process. Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Wellesley College Library, we were able to award two prizes in each category, as well as two Honorable Mentions.


First Year Award

Aryn Rivers ’25 has won a First Year Award for their WRIT 144 paper, “Save Our Children: Florida’s LGBTQ Panic from the 1950s to Today.” Supporting Faculty: Jeannine Johnson

Tayae Rogers ’25 has won a First Year Award for her WRIT 134 paper, “Driving Families Forward: The Role of Demographic Changes and Coalition-Building in Winning Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants in Massachusetts in 2022.” Supporting Faculty: Erin Battat


100/200-level Award

Ilinca Drondoe ‘26 has won a 100/200-level award for her MATH 123 paper, “Reforming the United Nations Security Council: A Quantitative and Political Analysis.” Supporting Faculty: Ismar Volić

Maya Mau ‘25 has won a 100/200-level award for their ANTH 214 paper, “'Physique as Destiny': The Significance of The Eugenics Movement to Wellesley’s Posture Program Throughout the Twentieth Century.” Supporting Faculty: Adam Van Arsdale


300-level Award

Caroline Francois ’23 has won a 300-level award for her HIST 376 paper, “'Conqueror of Yellow Fever': Cooperation and Colonialism in the War Against Yellow Fever, 1878-1901.” Supporting Faculty: Alejandra Osorio

Sophie Shobeiri ‘25 has won a 300-level award for her LAT 302 paper, “In Pursuit of Tabula Rasa: An Experimental Archaeology Approach to the Ancient Wax Tablet.” Supporting Faculty: Ray Starr


Independent Study Award

Jessica Maciuch ’22 has won an Independent Study Award for her PHIL 350 paper, “The Epistemic Injustice of the Cognitive Behavioral Model of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.” Supporting Faculty: Alison McIntyre

Jules Spector ’22 has won an Independent Study Award for their ARTH 250 project, “Jewish Architecture & Iconography.” Supporting Faculty: Kimberly Cassibry


Honorable Mention

Jade Doerksen ’26 has won an Honorable Mention for her HIST 254 paper, “Prejudice v. Progress: Sentiments towards Japanese and Japanese-American people at Wellesley College during World War II.” Supporting Faculty: Brenna Greer

Rachel Moberg ’22 has won an Honorable Mention for her ES 325 paper, “An Analysis of the Effectiveness of The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL 73/78).” Supporting Faculty: Beth DeSombre

The winning entries will be available soon in the Wellesley College Digital Repository.

More info: Karen Storz,

Wellesley College joins HathiTrust

Hathi Trust logo with name and picture of an elephant

Wellesley College is now a member of HathiTrust, a global collaborative of research and academic libraries working towards its mission to ensure that the cultural record is preserved and accessible long into the future. HathiTrust offers reading access to the fullest extent allowable by U.S. copyright law, computational access to the entire corpus for scholarly research, and other emerging services based on the combined collection.

Find out more about HathiTrust and how you can use it for your research.