Papercut allows for native printing from your macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, or Chrome device. Instructions vary depending on the device OS, but the basic idea is the same: set up the printer once, then you can print to MobilityPrint and release your job at one of 14 release stations around campus.

What is the purpose of PaperCut?

PaperCut helps reduce waste and increases print security in our libraries and computing labs. After printing from a computer, your job will be held for up to 12 hours until you log in to a release station to "release" the job to the printer for printing. You can delete print jobs from your queue if you don't want them or just allow them to expire after 12 hours.
Where can I print with PaperCut Mobility Print?

HP Printers and release stations and/or contactless print release can be found in

  • Clapp Library - 2 printers on the main floor reading room and 1 printer in the Knapp Center
  • Music Library - 1 printer
  • Art Library - 1 printer
  • Science Center - 2 printers on the ground floor by the elevators
  • Pendleton East - 1 printer on the 3rd floor 
  • Founders 300 - Humanities Commons - 1 printer
  • Residence Halls - 1 printer in Bates, Shafer, Stone-Davis, Tower, and Munger

Black and white printing is still free

When you use the MobilityPrint queue and then release your job(s) at one of the release stations, printing is free! You should see an initial quota of 1000 pages if you check online. If your computer is showing you a quota, though, chances are you need to remove the old PaperCut Client.
Free increases can still be requested via the Computing Help Desk and our online form.

When preparing a print job to the mobilityprint printer, always check the paper size before sending! 
For example, in Chrome on a Mac: File > Print > Change > mobilityprint > More settings > Paper size > Letter

Color Printing is available in Clapp and Science for $.20 per page
Self service color printing is available for a fee of $.20 per page. Color print jobs sent to the color-20cents print queue can now be released at Clapp (main floor reading room) or Science (ground floor) at the specific color printers.  Charges will be billed to your Workday account.
Learn how to set up to print from your device to color-20cents.  Instructions vary depending on the device OS, but the basic idea is the same: set up the printer once, then you can print to color-20cents and release your job at one of the color release stations in Clapp and Science.  Reminder:  The charges will be billed to your Workday account.
IMPORTANT: When preparing a print job to the color printer, always check the paper size before sending!
  • In Chrome on a Mac: File > Print > Change > color-20cents > More settings > Paper size > Letter
  • In order to print on an 11"x17" sheet, you must select A3 as the paper setting.


Contactless Print Release
If you have a smartphone or tablet, bring it to the printer and follow the signs to scan the QR code and release your job when it's your turn.
When you arrive at any release station, you have the option to scan a QR Code with your mobile device, and in the Papercut webpage that loads, sign in with your Wellesley College credentials to see your print jobs ready to be released!
  1. You will need to be on the Wellesley Secure WiFi network.
  2. Each printer has a unique QR Code that allows you to release at that specific printer. You can select and deselect jobs you would like to print. If you would like to use another printer, you will need to scan the QR Code posted there.
  3. Don't have a mobile device with a camera? The release station computer will still be available to release jobs.
Look for a poster like this one at a printer near you!
Papercut release poster showing a QR code and instructions to scan and release print job
Copy and Scan to Email/PDF on the MFDs

Large Multi-Function Devices (aka MFDs) can be used for copying and scanning to email/PDF. Copying will still be deducted from your PaperCut balance.

Copy/Scan MFDs can be found in

  • Clapp Library (lower floor hallway outside Clapp 131)
  • Science Center (ground floor data lab)
  • Art Library
  • Music Library
Why does it say I only have X pages left?
PaperCut assigns each person an allotment of 1,000 pages, which is based on the average number of pages printed by Wellesley students per semester. Each time you print, pages are deducted from this number. 
If your computer launches the PaperCut Client, it will have outdated information, as we no longer use the client. Remove the PaperCut Client as you would any other software on your computer and follow the instructions above to set up Mobility Print instead.
See Can I track my printer usage? below for how you can see your current pages left.
What happens when I run out of pages?
See Can I track my printer usage? below to see your current balance.
You can request a free increase to your PaperCut allotment by filling out our PaperCut Allocation Increase Form.
How long do I have between printing a document and releasing it?
PaperCut stores print requests for 12 hours before removing them if they are not released. After 12 hours, the print job is deleted from the server.
Help! My print job disappeared!
Sent something to Mobility Print and it disappeared?
Send a very simple document, making sure it's set for 8.5x11" US Letter sized paper, to see if it's something about that document that's amiss.
Wrong paper/page size?
When you send your print job, pause for a moment to make sure it's set to print to 8.5x11" US letter-sized paper.

Too large?
PDF files are compressed files. Before printing, the document must be uncompressed in the system.  While the file size you see might be 10MB, its uncompressed size could be hundreds of MB! Jobs whose uncompressed file size is more than 300MB will be denied when they hit the server to maintain reasonable printing times at the printers. To print your job, print sections of pages at a time. If you would like help optimizing a PDF file so it is able to print in its entirety, please visit the Computing Help Desk.

Can I track my printer usage?
Log in to the PaperCut Web Portal using your Wellesley username and password.  You will be able to precisely track your printing usage over the course of a semester. Due to privacy concerns, PaperCut does not store the actual print jobs after they are released to the printer. 
What if I have questions or problems?
Contact the Computing Help Desk (x7777) with any questions or problems printing. We want to solve your problems quickly!