Student Handbook

Wellesley College's Student Handbook includes the policies, procedures and rules that frame student life at Wellesley College; these are collected under three categories:

Each student is responsible for being familiar with this material.

Fundamental to the life of the Wellesley Community is the Honor Code. In entering Wellesley College, each student pledges the following:

As a Wellesley College student, I will act with honesty, integrity, and respect. In making this commitment, I am accountable to the community and dedicate myself to a life of honor.

This ideal is the basis for all our interactions with each other and for all the procedures we have in place to deal with the complications that arise in our shared life.

Other policies that affect students are grouped for convenience of reference as those related to academic matters and those connected to community life.

Students with questions about these policies may consult with any College faculty member or staff person. Class Deans will be especially helpful on academic matters, and Area Coordinators and Residence Directors will be especially helpful on many campus life policies. Students may also be interested in consulting the Provost's website and the Faculty Handbook (located on MyWellesley) for policy matters connected to the faculty and the Human Resources website for policy matters connected to the College's non-academic staff.

Wellesley College has made every effort to ensure that the policies and information included in this Student Handbook are accurate as of August 26, 2013. Wellesley College reserves the right to make changes at its discretion to the policies and information included in this Handbook.