Student Involvement

What is the Office of Student Involvement?

In conjunction with College Government, the Office of Student Involvement at Wellesley helps connect students with their interests through the support of more than 170 student organizations, trips and events in Boston, concerts on campus, and traditions such as Lake Day and Hooprolling.

Mission Statement

The Office of Student Involvement guides students through the process of exploring their interests and passions in clubs, organizations, activities and events which will complement and enhance their educational, social, and relational experience at Wellesley College.

Students will benefit in the following ways:

  • Participating in activities creates meaningful interpersonal connections through common experiences and provides a foundation for community development.

  • Attending events maximizes the opportunity to explore meaning, purpose and fosters a sense of belonging in college.

  • Collaborating with an advisor or mentor in your student organization assists in developing leadership potential.

  • Being involved in co-curricular activities provides the balance needed to excel in the classroom.

  • Collaborating with other students and organizations will enhance the relational aspects of involvement on campus while maximizing funding resources.

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