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- 您与您子女的另一位家长均认为自己是中国人或华裔美国人

- 您与您子女的另一位家长均诞生在北美以外的地区

- 您的孩子 1) 年龄在8岁到10岁之间,或者 2) 在0岁到13岁之间,曾有与两位家长分离超过六个月的经历



The Family Development Project is currently recruiting Chinese American immigrant families for our research. In general, you may be eligible to participate in our research if you meet the following criteria:


  • You and your child/children's other parent both identify as Chinese or Chinese American
  • You and your child/children's other parent were both born outside of North America
  • Your child is either: a) between the ages of 8-10 years old OR b) was previously separated from both parents for six months or more between the ages of 0-13
If you believe you meet these criteria, please click here.