Graduate Institute Geneva, Switzerland

Wellesley College and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva have established a program for Wellesley students to earn both a BA from Wellesley and an MA from the Graduate Institute in 5 years, rather than the normal 6 years. Students will spend the fall semester of their senior year in Geneva, then return for spring semester and graduation at Wellesley. Following graduation they will return to Geneva for their fifth year. French is not a requirement for admission but those students who are not proficient in French will be required to study the language when at the Institute in Geneva.

Since Fall 2016, Wellesley College students also have the opportunity to participate in a stand-alone undergraduate semester abroad. See details about this program.

The Geneva Institute has a longstanding reputation for its excellence in International Affairs and Development Studies. Students have the opportunity to take advantage of the Institute's academic offerings while living in a city that is host to many International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Diplomatic Missions that are working to address the most pressing global challenges.

At a Glance (BA-MA Programme)

Students: 1-5 a year.
Senior Fall: late September to late December
Postgraduate Year in Geneva: late September to late September
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Housing: Single room in shared apartment in the Geneva Institute Student House
Senior Fall: Students are responsible for paying tuition to Wellesley. The Geneva Institute will charge students directly for room & boardTypically a deposit of 1,000 CHF is required to confirm housing placement in the student residences. This deposit will be considered an early payment toward your expected family contribution for your semester away. If you have concerns about accessing resources for this payment, Student Financial Services can advise you on resources available. For the 2022-2023 Academic Year, Wellesley students will receive a $500 cultural allowance. Financial aid will be recalculated based on anticipated living expenses abroad and will also account for airfare costs.
Postgraduate Year in Geneva: Candidates applying to the BA+MA programme can apply for financial aid for the second year of their studies at the Graduate Institute. The financial aid application must be submitted together with the initial program application. Students will not have the possibility to apply for a scholarship during their studies.
Pre-Requisites: 3.3 GPA. 2 semesters French strongly recommended. 3 years of study at bachelor level in a relevant discipline. In particular, admission to the programs specializing in law and economics require a solid background in these fields of study (the GRE test is required for the Master in International Economics).
Language of Instruction: English
Application Deadline: An internal application is due to Wellesley in December of Junior year, and an additional application to the Graduate Institute of Geneva is due on January 15 of Junior year.
Masters programs: Anthropology and Sociology of Development, International Economics, International History, International Relations/Political Science, International Affairs, Development Studies
Full Course Load: 30 ECTS. Each 6-credit course translates to 0.8 Wellesley units.

Application Instructions: To receive a nomination from Wellesley, students must submit a Study Away Proposal by the December 1 of Junior year, and well as an internal application later in December including:

  1. Statement of Purpose indicating which MA program you are applying for and explaining why this program is of interest to you, how this fits with your academic and professional goals, and why you are a strong candidate.

  2. Resumé

  3. List of courses you intend to take in the spring semester

  4. The names of two faculty members who have addressed to serve as a reference (no need for them to submit a letter)

Please refer to this link to find out more about the application procedure with the Graduate Institute of Geneva, which takes place after receiving a nomination.
Recent Alumnae: See recent alumnae 
Emergency Information: 

Transcripts: After completion of the program, the point of contact for inquiries regarding transcripts is