Mobile Phones

Securing Your Mobile Phone

Smartphones and tablets represent potential risk to protection of confidential and sensitive data if they become lost or stolen.  We recommend some simple safeguards. For help setting up any of these safeguards, please consult the instructions for your mobile device (located here for iOS devices or here for Android devices) or contact the Help Desk for assistance.

  • Set device pass code or PIN - Limit unauthorized access to the device with a pass code or PIN, and if possible use at least 6 digits; keep that PIN private

  • Set automatic lock - Set short window for time-out (e.g. a minute) so that device will lock automatically when not in use

  • Configure tamper wipe - Configure the phone to completely erase the contents after multiple unsuccessful attempts (e.g., 10 attempts) to enter pass code or PIN.

  • Keep operating system updated - Install the latest updates for the operating system.