The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) , which was signed into law on October 28, 1998, specifies procedures by which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may limit liability with respect to information residing on network servers.

Wellesley College, in accordance with the DMCA, has designated an agent to receive notification of claimed copyright infringement. All claims of copyright infringement should be directed to this agent and must conform to DMCA notification procedures.  See contact information for the agent below.

Web sites that are the subject of infringement charges by copyright owners may be disabled by Wellesley's authorized Library & Technology Services (LTS) members. Individual members of the college community who are responsible for the text and graphics on such sites will be reached as quickly as possible to discuss appropriate responses to the DMCA's "take-down" and "put-back" specifications.  See the Copyright Policy for more information about Wellesley's DMCA procedures.

Wellesley's Copyright Policy and Copyright FAQ are on the College web site. Wellesley students, faculty, and staff may email Graham Henderson ( or telephone him (ext. 3514) with questions about copyright. Wellesley users and page providers are reminded that copyright infringement is also against the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.