Faculty Class Visits

Bringing Classes to Special Collections

We encourage faculty members to schedule a class visit to Special Collections, on the 4th floor of Clapp Library.  Students always enjoy a chance to see original editions of texts they are reading, and they will learn something about the history of the book as well.  If you would like information and a general overview of the collection, please see our homepage.

Please contact Special Collections Curator Ruth Rogers at least two weeks in advance to set up an appointment for the class to visit (rrogers@wellesley.edu). 

She and Associate Curator Mariana Oller (moller@wellesley.edu) teach over 60 class sessions a year, so last minute requests cannot usually be accommodated. You are most likely to get the time slot and assistance you need if you plan ahead in the semester.

Although the majority of the collection is searchable in the Library Catalog, a small percent of materials is not, including some early periodicals and post-1600 manuscripts.  We do, however, have finding aids in the library for these materials.

After you have done some research in the collection and have a list of books you want to use, please e-mail it to Ruth Rogers.  If you would like Ruth to suggest relevant materials, simply send your syllabus to her as early in the semester as possible.  You may also reserve books for a specified period, so that your students can come to Special Collections to read them on their own.

Please remind students prior to visiting Special Collections that this is a secure space and certain guidelines are necessary to preserve the collection. They must use pencil when taking notes here, they must have clean hands, and all coats and bags must be left at the door upon entering the room. Staff members are always available to help with research and to answer questions about the collection.