Student Resources

Guidance and assistance are always available during your study of economics at Wellesley.

If you are majoring in economics, you will have a faculty advisor to work with closely. If you seek help during a particular course, tutoring may be on your agenda. If you are considering whether to pursue further studies in economics, we'll guide you through that as well. Check with any professor or staff member to find out who may be able to advise you best, but some specialists are outlined below.

Whom to See

For students interested in a Data Science major with an Economics concentration: Professor Patrick McEwan

For students interested in the IR-Economics major: Professor Akila Weerapana

For questions and guidance about the Wellesley-Brandeis BA/MAief Program: Professor Sue Skeath

For advice and resources on career and graduate study: Professor Olga Shurchkov

For information and guidance on international study: Professor Joe Joyce

For matters regarding the Economics Student Association: Professor Kyung Park, the ESA advisor

For information about transfer credit: Professor Eric Hilt

For inquiring about or arranging tutoring: Professor Kartini Shastry

For information about the Case Fellows Program: Professor Baafra Abeberese

Other Resources

For more about counseling and advising at Wellesley, as well as resources such as the Pforzheimer Learning and Teaching Center, the general academic advising pages should answer your questions.